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News ImageGerman TNG "Full Journey" Box Coming in April Jan 25, 2015
Hey Germany! now has your version of the region-free "Full Journey" TNG Blu-ray collection up for preorder now, releasing on April 2 -- reserve your copy now for €135!

News ImageTNG S6: 'Time's Arrow, Part II' Blu-ray Screencaps Jan 21, 2015
We're picking up where we left off in 19th Century San Francisco as Data tries to avoid "Time's Arrow" in Part 2 of the feature-length episode. Brand new high definition screencaps from the Star Trek: The Next Generation Sixth Season opener are now available!

News ImageTNG S6: "Schisms" SD / HD Comparison Video Jan 15, 2015
A series of sleepless nights reveals a terrifying ordeal afflicting the Enterprise crew -- they're being kidnapped for bizarre, dangerous alien experiments while they slumber! "Schisms" is a fan favorite from the sixth season of "Star Trek: The Next Generation," and now it's here in full 1080p HD!

News ImageTNG REWIND: "The Arsenal of Freedom" HD Comparison Jan 11, 2015
While Picard and his away team are trapped in a deadly sales presentation on the surface of planet Minos, Geordi must work with a young crew aboard ship to keep the Enterprise from being destroyed in orbit! "The Arsenal of Freedom" is next in our trip back through TNG Season 1 on Blu-ray!

News ImageEXCLUSIVE! "Sins of the Father" Deleted Footage! Jan 09, 2015
It's been over a year, but our TNG workprint project is back in business -- and today, we've got a collection of never-before-seen footage from TNG S3's "Sins of the Father," which were uncovered after the Blu-ray release... which means you can only see it here at TrekCore!

News ImageTNG S6: "Relics" SD / HD Comparison Video Jan 08, 2015
When the Enterprise encounters a crashed Federation ship on the surface of a mysterious sphere in deep space, they're able to rescue one passenger from suspended transporter stasis... Montgomery Scott, of the original Enterprise crew! James Doohan's classic TNG appearance is here in HD!

News ImageTNG S5: 'Time's Arrow, Part I' Blu-ray Screencaps Jan 08, 2015
Star Trek: The Next Generation's fifth season wraps up back in 19th Century San Francisco as Data's existence is threatened by mysterious time-traveling aliens. We've reached the end of our high definition voyage through Season 5 with all new Blu-ray screencaps from "Time's Arrow, Part I"

News ImageTNG S5: 'The Next Phase' Blu-ray Screencaps Jan 07, 2015
All is not as it first appears when Geordi and Ro are presumed dead in an accident on-board a Romulan vessel. We're looking back at Star Trek: The Next Generation's "The Next Phase" with all new high definition screencaps straight from the Season 5 Blu-ray set!

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