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News ImageUK "Full Journey" Unboxing Video! Dec 19, 2014
Check out our new unboxing video featuring the UK exclusive "Star Trek: The Next Generation" Full Journey Blu-ray collection, and decide if this is the box set just for you! (Special thanks to reader John Ryan for providing the original footage!)

News ImageHands-On Photos: Australia's TNG Blu-ray Box Set Dec 15, 2014
Following the United Kingdom's lead, Australian fans can pick up a complete box set of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" on Blu-ray this week -- and we now have several more shots of this new collection for you to check out! Read on to see the design down under, and tell us which collection you like better!

News ImageTNG S6: 'Time's Arrow, Part II' SD/HD Comparison  Dec 15, 2014
Season Six begins at TrekCore! Journey back to 1896 San Francisco with "Time's Arrow, Part II," the beginning of the penultimate year of "Star Trek: The Next Generation," where the crew must save the city while keeping Data from losing his head!

News ImageExclusive! First Photos of the UK TNG Blu-ray Box! Dec 14, 2014
The full-series "Star Trek: The Next Generation" Blu-ray box set is out in the UK this week, and we've got the first photos anywhere of this new massive release! All 41 Blu-ray discs in one big set -- read on to see the inside of this high definition collection!

News ImageTNG REWIND: "When the Bough Breaks" HD Comparison Dec 14, 2014
A group of sterile adults living on the mythical planet Aldea kidnap Wesley Crusher and a dozen other children from the Enterprise to repopulate their world -- and it's up to Wesley to find a way to save the other kids from a life away from their parents! "When the Bough Breaks" is here in high definition!

News ImageRare Photos #76: December 2014 Dec 13, 2014
Our next update to TrekCore's ever-growing Rare Photos library is here, with a selection of seldom-seen shots from each Trek television series and several of the films. Check 'em out and see which ones might be new to you!

News ImageTNG REWIND: "Too Short a Season" HD Comparison Dec 07, 2014
A crazed admiral set on reclaiming his lost youth takes the Enterprise on a dangerous mission in "Too Short a Season," our next flashback to TNG Season One on Blu-ray! The age makeup effects never looked that great on DVD, but boy do they stand out in high definition -- watch for yourself in 1080p!

News ImageMemories of Muldaur: Katherine Pulaski Dec 01, 2014
Guest columnist Rob Heyman provides a look back at Diana Muldaur's stint as Dr. Katherine Pulaski during "Star Trek: The Next Generation" Season Two, and reflects on what could have been if this one-season character remained with the series.

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