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News ImageTNG S6: "True Q" Blu-ray Screencaps Feb 25, 2017
When Amanda Rogers, a young scientist taking up an internship aboard the Enterprise-D, begins to manifest strange powers defying reality, Q soon arrives to reveal her hidden nature as a member of the Q Continuum - and tests her to see if she can live like a human!

News ImageTNG S6: "Schisms" Blu-ray Screencaps Feb 18, 2017
When various members of the Enterprise crew, including Commander Riker, appear to be randomly disappearing from the ship (and returning just as mysteriously), they must work together to recover memories of their trips away from home - but after learning the crew may be subjects of an alien science experiment, Riker must risk his life to stop them!

News ImageTNG S6: "Relics" Blu-ray Screencaps Feb 12, 2017
Much like Montgomery Scott, our STAR TREK: TNG Blu-ray screencaps were held in stasis for a long time... but after nearly two years, we're happy to return to the 24th Century as we are finally able to bring you the next round of 1080p images from TNG Season 6! And what better episode to being with - Jimmy Doohan's appearance in "Relics!"

News ImageGALLERY: UK's "Next Generation" VHS Artwork Feb 08, 2017
We've added a new collection of VHS cover scans from the UK's "Star Trek: The Next Generation" home video releases! Browse through these classic videotape artwork designs and find your favorites - courtesy of guest contributor Lee Hutchison!

News ImageREVIEW: "The Hall of Heroes" Jan 09, 2017
In the wake of violence from the cult known as the Unsung, paranoia threatens to break Chancellor Martok’s rule over the Klingon Empire. Klingons increasingly call for a stronger hand to take control…one that Lord Korgh, master manipulator, is only too willing to offer. Admiral William T. Riker realizes far more than the Federation’s alliance with the Klingons is in danger. With the Empire a wounded animal, it could either become an attacker — or a target!

News ImageREVIEW: "The Jackal's Trick"  Jan 03, 2017
The Klingon-Federation alliance is in peril as never before. Lord Korgh has seized control of the House of Kruge, executing a plot a century in the making, as his Klingon cult rampages across the stars, striking from the shadows in their cloaked Birds-of-Prey. Aided by Captain Picard and the USS Enterprise, Admiral Riker scours the stars, seeking to find the Unsung and uncover the truth behind the conspiracy before time runs out.

News ImageREVIEW: "Hell's Heart" Dec 31, 2016
When Klingon commander Kruge died in combat against James T. Kirk on the Genesis planet back in 2285, he left behind a secret squadron of advanced Birds-of-Prey and a cabal of loyal officers intent on securing his heritage - and his vengeance. Now, one hundred years later, while on a diplomatic mission, Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the USS Enterprise are snared in the century-old trap... and thrust directly in the middle of an ancient conflict!

News ImageWATCH: Hallmark's Trek Ornaments Dec 22, 2016
We've got a wonderful holiday flashback for all of you Hallmark Keepsake Ornament collectors! Four classic "Star Trek" commercials featuring Leonard Nimoy, TNG's Robert O'Reilly and Patti Yasutake, and Voyager's Martha Hackett from the 1990's, advertising the annual Trek ornament releases. Enjoy!

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