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News ImageTNG S6: "Aquiel" Blu-ray Screencaps May 23, 2017
Investigating the disappearance of a small Starfleet relay station's staff, the Enterprise discovers what appears to be the scene of a grisly murder - but when Geordi begins to find himself falling for the lone survivor of the station's crew, he may find that the beautiful woman he's spending time with could be the killer!

News ImageMcFarlane Toys Lands DISCOVERY Merch License May 22, 2017
High-quality toy and collectible company McFarlane Toys has become one of the first major merchandising partners for the upcoming STAR TREK: DISCOVERY series, CBS Consumer Products and McFarlane announced today.

News ImageTrek Comics: MIRROR BROKEN #1 May 19, 2017
We first got a glimpse of this new take on the infamous STAR TREK Mirror Universe back on Free Comic Book Day, and now it's time to dive in to the first full issue of MIRROR BROKEN, where we finally explore what the counterparts of the familiar NEXT GENERATION crew are up to on the other side of the looking glass!

News ImagePREORDER: Klingon Empire Travel Guide May 18, 2017
Planning a trip to the Klingon homeworld? Don't leave for Qo'nos until you've studied Dayton Ward's KLINGON EMPIRE TRAVEL GUIDE - a follow up to his 2016 guide to Vulcan - due out this July! Preorder from Amazon through our link.

News ImageTrek Comics: MIRROR BROKEN #0 May 10, 2017
We beam over to the Mirror Universe for the opening entry in IDW's newest comic saga, STAR TREK: TNG -- MIRROR BROKEN! While the first full issue arrives later this month, we take a look today at Saturday's Free Comic Book Day starter, introducing the new setting and characters!

News ImageTNG S6: "Ship in a Bottle" Blu-ray Screencaps May 08, 2017
While performing some routine maintenance on the holodeck systems, Reg Barclay uncovers a blast from the past - Professor James Moriarty, a holographic adversary brought to sentience through a computer malfunction years earlier. But when Moriarty gains the upper hand over the Enterprise crew, it's up to Picard, Barclay, and Data to save the ship from certain destruction!

News ImageTrekDocs Archives: TNG Writers Technical Manual Apr 30, 2017
We've partnered with our friends at the popular @TrekDocs Twitter account to host the first of many-to-come longform, archival "Star Trek" document scans, right from the production offices! Today, a look at the NEXT GENERATION Season 3 Writers Technical Manual, which served as the genesis for the popular TNG Technical Manual book!

News ImageINTERVIEW: J.K. Woodward & TNG: MIRROR BROKEN Apr 29, 2017
We chat with "Star Trek" comic artist JK Woodward ahead of May 6's Free Comic Book Day in the USA, which will bring the debut of IDW Publishing's newest Trek comic miniseries: "Star Trek: The Next Generation - Mirror Broken."

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