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News ImageTNG REWIND: "Peak Performance" HD Comparison Feb 04, 2016
Riker, Geordi, and a ragtag group of officers from the Enterprise have just forty-eight hours to get an old Starfleet ship back up and running for a war game exercise planned after their recent first encounter with the Borg -- but when a Ferengi Marauder arrives and threatens the lives of both ships, the battle simulation turns real!

News ImageTNG S7: "Gambit, Part II" HD Comparison Video Jan 28, 2016
Captain Picard is found alive, working aboard a mercenary ship hunting for mysterious relics across the Alpha Quadrant -- but when a journey to Vulcan unveils an ancient weapon, he must lead a mutiny on board to save himself from a deadly fate!

News ImageTNG REWIND: "The Emissary" HD Comparison Jan 24, 2016
When the crew of a Klingon sleeper ship awakens after seventy-five years in hibernation, Starfleet urgently dispatches Federation ambassador K'Ehleyr to the Enterprise to ease them into the 24th Century before they attack a civilian outpost -- but can she and Worf work together after years apart?

News ImageTNG S7: "Gambit, Part I" HD Comparison Video Jan 17, 2016
After disappearing while on an undercover mission for Starfleet, the Enterprise crew starts their search for Captain Picard -- only to learn that their ship's commander was vaporized during a bar fight on an alien planet. But when Riker is caught in a crossfire during the investigation, he's captured by raiders... only to find his captain among them!

News ImageTNG Volume 2 Soundtrack Now Available! Jan 12, 2016
La-La Land's three-disc "Star Trek: The Next Generation - Volume 2" soundtrack release is now available for order, with the first sets shipping out on January 15!

News ImageNew TNG Soundtrack: January 12! Jan 05, 2016
It's a new year, and as we've been expecting for some time, La-La Land has just announced a new "Star Trek: The Next Generation" soundtrack collection going on sale January 12, following up on their 2011 "Volume 1" TNG music collection. Read on and see if your favorite episode might be represented!

News ImageTNG REWIND: "Manhunt" HD Comparison Video Jan 02, 2016
It's every man for himself when Lwaxana Troi boards the Enterprise during her midlife 'phase' during which her sex drive quadruples - or more! As the Betazoid representative focuses all her energy into finding a new mate, a fish-faced alien ambassadors are being treated by Dr. Pulaski in sickbay!

News ImageTNG S7: "Interface" SD / HD Comparison Video Dec 17, 2015
While testing out a new type of remote telepresence drone, Geordi receives the tragic news that his mother's starship has gone missing, and was likely destroyed with all hands. Not willing to give up hope, La Forge finds himself in a shocking encounter when he finds his mother deep below the clouds of a gas giant, trapped aboard another Federation vessel!

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