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News ImageTNG S4: 'Galaxy's Child' SD/HD Comparison Video Apr 15, 2014
Announcing the birth of a large baby something: it's "Galaxy's Child," a CGI-filled entry in TNG's fourth season! The episode's title character had to be rebuilt from scratch for the restoration... but does the new render hold up to the original? Watch in 1080p and decide for yourself!

News ImageTNG S4: 'Galaxy's Child' Blu-ray Screencaps Apr 15, 2014
The Enterprise becomes an unexpected "mother" in the next episode of The Next Generation's fourth season! We have a brand new gallery of high definition screencaps from the remastered Blu-ray version of TNG's "Galaxy's Child". Check them out!

News ImageTNG S4: 'First Contact' SD/HD Comparison Video Apr 12, 2014
A unique episode experienced from an alien point of view, "First Contact" is the next stop along the path through TNG Season Four in high definition! Memorable guest star Bebe Neuwirth cameos in a fan-favorite role, offering Riker freedom if he just does one little favor in return...

News ImageTNG S4: 'First Contact' Blu-ray Screencaps Apr 12, 2014
In TNG's "First Contact", Commander Riker's undercover mission ends in disaster, threatening the prospects for first contact with a culture on the verge of warp travel. Check out our brand new collection of high definition screencaps from this episode of TNG's fourth season!

News ImageUPDATE: TNG S6 & 'Chain' Blu-rays Moved to June 24 Apr 11, 2014
The North American launch of both "Chain of Command" and the complete Sixth Season of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" on Blu-ray, originally scheduled for a June 3 street date, have been pushed out by three weeks to a new release date of June 24. Preorder now at Amazon!

News ImageBARGAIN: TNG Communicator Badges Down To $18.25! Apr 09, 2014
The Quantum Mechanix replica Star Trek: The Next Generation commbadges we featured lasted month have been reduced even further at Amazon, now at a bargain price of just $18.25! These QMx replicas were created using the original studio molds to ensure the highest level of accuracy possible! Highly recommended!

News ImageTNG S4: 'Clues' SD/HD Comparison Video  Apr 08, 2014
There's something just not right aboard the Enterprise-D, and only Data has the answer to the mystery affecting the crew! From the Paxan's dangerous assault on the ship to several all-new visual effects, "Clues" is the next stop in TNG Season 4 to watch in 1080p!

News ImageTNG S4: 'Clues' Blu-ray Screencaps Apr 08, 2014
Data begins to act suspiciously, prompting the command staff to wonder if he has been compromised in the latest chapter of our journey through TNG's fourth season in high definition. Spot the "Clues" in our brand new collection of Blu-ray screencaps!

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