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News ImageTNG S7: "Eye of the Beholder" HD Comparison May 26, 2016
After bright young lieutenant commits suicide aboard the Enterprise, Counselor Deanna Troi is called upon to investigate the man's death - and while she's digging into why Dan Kwan killed himself, Troi begins to receive flashes of a psychic vision which may reveal a murder from years in the past!

News ImageTNG S7: "Masks" HD Comparison Video May 13, 2016
When the Enterprise encounters a rogue comet that hides an ancient data archive, the ship begins to change into something new... and Data is affected in a most dramatic way, gaining new personalities which overtake him in rapid succession. Masaka is waking!

News ImageTNG S7: "Thine Own Self" HD Comparison Video May 04, 2016
When a strange-looking man walks into a small preindustrial village on a remote planet, the citizens' welcome begins to wear when a mysterious illness sweeps through their population... and none of them realize that their unusual visitor is actually Data! Meanwhile: Troi takes the bridge.

News ImageTNG Remastered: "Lower Decks" HD Comparison Apr 28, 2016
It's a view from the bottom, as this episode of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" follows a group of Starfleet ensigns through life aboard the Federation flagship - but when the Enterprise is assigned a secret mission behind enemy lines, this friendship may end up fractured in ways they never expect!

News ImageTNG S7: "Sub Rosa" HD Comparison Apr 25, 2016
Well, we couldn't put it off forever: it's one of the most mocked and ridiculed episodes of The Next Generation - Season 7's "Sub Rosa" is here! After Beverly Crusher's grandmother dies, the Enterprise travels to a her Scottish colony where the doctor learns of the older woman's longtime romantic companion... but soon find her self trapped in a world of ghostly passion!

News ImageTNG S7: "Homeward" HD Comparison Video Apr 16, 2016
Worf's half-brother Nikolai has a secret plan to save a primitive civilization from a worldwide catastrophe that will mean their extinction -- but when he involves the Enterprise crew against their will, it's up to Worf to keep the secrets of the 24th Century hidden from the low-tech natives!

News ImageTNG S7: "The Pegasus" HD Comparison Video Apr 10, 2016
When Will Riker's former captain arrives on the Enterprise and ropes the first officer into revisiting a classified mission from years earlier, Riker must choose between protecting his own past mistakes and his loyalty to Captain Picard! Can he choose without betraying Admiral Pressman?

News ImageTNG Blu-ray Box: US & Canada Preorders Live! Apr 08, 2016
The seven-season STAR TREK: TNG Blu-ray collection - brand new to the USA - is now available for preorder ahead of the June 7 release for both the US and Canada! Stake your claim for this 48-disc collection now if you've been holding out, and help support TrekCore with your purchase!

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