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News ImageTNG S7: "Firstborn" HD Comparison Video Jun 20, 2016
Worf and Alexander encounter K'mtar - an old family friend of the House of Mogh - after an assassination attempt at Klingon outpost, where the elder warrior saves the security officer's life. But while he attempts to coax Alexander to adopt a more traditional Klingon lifestyle, his secret is revealed: K'mtar is Alexander, back in time from a dark future!

News ImageA Look at the Newest STAR TREK: TNG DVD Box Set Jun 17, 2016
We’ve been all-in on Star Trek’s leap to Blu-ray since the first Original Series release in high definition back in 2009 – but several of our readers have asked about this month’s new "Star Trek: The Next Generation" DVD box set, so here’s our hands-on review!

News ImageTNG S7: "Journey's End" HD Comparison Video Jun 11, 2016
A disillusioned Wesley Crusher returns to the Enterprise during a break from Starfleet Academy, finding it difficult to remain a model cadet and Starfleet prospect - but after an encounter with a mysterious man at a disputed colony near the Cardassian border, he may be about to take the next step in his own evolution!

News ImageNorth America's STAR TREK TNG Blu-ray Box is Here! Jun 03, 2016
To you patient fans in North America, waiting for your chance to purchase all seven seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation in one collection: your time has come! CBS Home Entertainment’s new all-in-one, 41-disc package, first announced back in April, will finally make its way to store shelves next week.

News ImageTrek Comics: "TNG / X-Men - Second Contact" Jun 03, 2016
We’re following up this week’s retro review of the classic Star Trek / X-Men crossover comic with the sequel, 1998’s meetup of the famous mutant heroes with Captain Picard’s crew aboard the Enterprise-E!

News ImageTNG Blu Box Out Next Week! May 31, 2016
The seven-season STAR TREK: TNG Blu-ray collection - brand new to the USA - is due out next Tuesday for both the US and Canada! Stake your claim for this 48-disc collection now if you've been holding out, and help support TrekCore with your purchase!

News ImageTNG S7: "Genesis" HD Comparison May 29, 2016
After notorious hypochondriac Lt. Barclay is treated for a real illness, his reaction to the cure sends a strange virus throughout the Enterprise - and soon the entire crew is "de-evolving" back into primitive beasts from their homeworlds' past! Data and Picard must save the ship - before the captain loses himself to the affliction!

News ImageTNG S7: "Eye of the Beholder" HD Comparison May 26, 2016
After bright young lieutenant commits suicide aboard the Enterprise, Counselor Deanna Troi is called upon to investigate the man's death - and while she's digging into why Dan Kwan killed himself, Troi begins to receive flashes of a psychic vision which may reveal a murder from years in the past!

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