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News ImageeBOOK REVIEW: "Q are Cordially Uninvited..." Oct 27, 2014
Jean-Luc Picard and Beverly Crusher have been married since 2008's "Greater than the Sum," but what exactly happened on their wedding day that's worthy of a story all its own? This month's new eBook, "Q are Cordially Uninvited..." answers that question, and much more -- read on to find out for yourself!

News ImageBLU NEWS! TNG S7 & 'AGT' Details! Oct 16, 2014
We just received CBS's full press release detailing the contents of December's TNG Season 7 and "All Good Things" Blu-ray sets, and we've got it all broken down for you, along with our reactions and analysis of the upcoming content!

News ImageAd Archive: TNG in Syndication Oct 12, 2014
You've seen plenty of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" promotional material over the years -- everything from merchandising commercials to episode preview videos -- but now we have a great collection of ratings-based marketing material, showcasing how Paramount sold the show to your local TV station!

News ImagePreorder TNG Blu Box Set for Only £158 / $217!!  Oct 10, 2014
It just keeps going lower! The "Full Journey" complete-series TNG Blu-ray box set, releasing to the UK December 15, is up for preorder now at a low price of just £158 -- that's just $217 shipped to the United States! This REGION FREE set will play on any Blu-ray player in North America, so import without worry!

News ImageUK: Preorder "Full Journey" TNG Blu-ray Boxed Set Oct 03, 2014
A new complete-series "Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Full Journey" Blu-ray set has gone up for preorder on Amazon's UK store, an all-in-one boxed set of the seven seasons -- but is the fancy packaging worth the extra price? Check it out now!

News ImageStandalone Blu-rays Come to Germany Oct 02, 2014
Almost two years after the standalone "Next Generation" Blu-ray discs have become available through brick-and-mortar German supermarkets, they're now getting a wide release through later this year. We've got release dates and preorder links inside -- read on!

News ImageTC YouTube Offline · Updated with Reader Feedback Oct 01, 2014
Our YouTube channel was taken offline overnight after several unexpected copyright claims were filed against our popular "Next Generation" Blu-ray comparison videos. Please read and comment on our statement regarding this situation as we work to resolve this issue.

News ImageGERMANY: Preorder TNG S7 on Blu! Sep 30, 2014
The seventh and final season of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" is coming to Germany on December 18, and you can preorder this last Blu-ray release from Amazon.DE today!

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