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News ImageGERMANY: Preorder TNG S7 Steelbook! Sep 19, 2014
Attention Germany: the Season Seven release of the Amazon-exclusive "Star Trek: The Next Generation" Blu-ray steelbook is now available for preorder, including the next collectible Trek pin! The regular S7 Blu-ray set is sure to be close behind, but if you want this special release, order today!

News ImageTNG S5: 'I Borg' SD/HD Comparison Video Sep 18, 2014
A lone, injured drone is found clinging to life on a desolate planetoid, but after Crusher and La Forge nurse the lone Borg back to health, it begins to take on unexpected aspects of individuality... and Picard must choose whether or not to send him back to the Borg as a living weapon!

News ImageUK: Pre-order TNG Season 7 Blu-rays today!  Sep 17, 2014
Hey UK! The TNG Season 7 Blu-ray set is back up for pre-order at Amazon, coming out on December 15. Lock in your orders through our link and help keep TrekCore ad-free!

News ImageTNG S5: 'Imaginary Friend' SD/HD Comparison Video Sep 17, 2014
When young Clara Sutter's fantasy playmate Isabella comes to life during a scientific mission inside a mysterious nebula, her mysterious "Imaginary Friend" begins to threaten the lives of everyone aboard the Enterprise! TNG Season Five is rapidly coming to a close -- be sure to watch in 1080p!

News ImageTNG REWIND: "Haven" SD/HD Comparison  Sep 14, 2014
Lwaxana Troi visits the Enterpise for the first time, and she brings with her the man Deanna is betrothed to marry -- except he's been receiving psychic visions of another woman! "Haven" is our next flashback through the first season of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" on Blu-ray!

News ImageBOOK REVIEW: "The Klingon Art of War" Sep 13, 2014
Ever wanted a guide to living the true Klingon life? Wait no longer, because "The Klingon Art of War" is here to teach you what it means to live with honor in the 24th Century -- from the perspective of a renowned Klingon novelist with sage advise straight from Qo'nos!

News ImageTNG S5: 'The Perfect Mate' SD/HD Comparison Video Sep 11, 2014
Professor X and Jean Grey team up in outer space -- wait, that's not right! Guest star Famke Janssen appears a Kamala, an empathic metamorph who changes her personality to match the man she is destined to marry... only it's Captain Picard who falls in love with "The Perfect Mate"!

News ImageBARGAIN: TNG Season 5 Blu-ray just $45! Sep 10, 2014 have reduced the price of Star Trek: The Next Generation's fifth season Blu-ray set to just $45 - a terrific saving from the original retail price. If you haven't already got this season, now's the perfect time to add it to your collection! Grab it before the price goes up

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