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News ImageBOOK REVIEW: "New Frontier - The Returned, Part 1" Jul 26, 2015
t's been four years since the last adventures of Mackenzie Calhoun, Elizabeth Shelby, and the rest of the USS Excalibur crew, but "Star Trek: New Frontier" is back this summer with a new trilogy of e-books, from New York Times bestselling author Peter David -- and our review of "The Returned, Part 1" is here!

News ImageTNG S6: "Second Chances" SD / HD Comparison Video Jul 23, 2015
"Up until that moment, you were the same person." Commander Riker finds a shadow of his former self living in an abandoned research base on a dangerous planet -- an exact copy of the man, before he was the pride of Starfleet! Now there are two Will Rikers aboard the Enterprise... and only one can be Deanna's man.

News ImageTNG REWIND: "The Outrageous Okona" HD Comparison Jul 16, 2015
The Enterprise picks up Thadiun Okona -- guest star Billy Campbell -- a dashing, rogue freighter captain caught in a dispute between two neighboring planets. As Okona charms the Starfleet crew, Picard brings the rival factions aboard the starship to work out their issues. Meanwhile: Data tries comedy, with mixed results.

News ImageTNG S6: "Rightful Heir" SD / HD Comparison Video Jul 13, 2015
Kahless the Unforgettable, risen from the dead? When Worf travels to a Klingon monastery on Boreth, he encounters what seems to be a vision brought to life: the greatest warrior in Klingon history! Is this mythical figure from Qo'nos' past really alive again centuries later, or is it a new turn in the Empire's twisted political system?

News ImageNEW REVIEW: William Shatner's CHAOS ON THE BRIDGE Jul 05, 2015
We review William Shatner's "Chaos on the Bridge," a new hour-long documentary focused on the behind-the-scenes drama surrounding the first two years of production on "Star Trek: The Next Generation," featuring interviews with several key staff members who weren't part of the TNG Blu-ray interviews. Is this new special worth the price of (streaming) admission? Read on and find out!

News ImageTNG REWIND: "Elementary, Dear Data" HD Comparison Jul 03, 2015
A holographic trip into Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's library of Sherlock Holmes adventures takes a dangerous turn when an unusual command to the Enterprise computer brings the great detective's nemesis, James Moriarty, to life! "Elementary, Dear Data" is our next trip back to 1988 for TNG Season 2 in HD!

News ImageExclusive CHAOS ON THE BRIDGE Documentary Preview Jul 01, 2015
William Shatner's Star Trek: The Next Generation documentary Chaos on the Bridge, which debuted back in August on HBO Canada, is finally available worldwide at Vimeo -- and we've got an exclusive clip from the film, only available at TrekCore, on Gene Roddenberry and his "desperate" struggle to keep his power over the show!

News ImageShatner TNG Doc Comes to USA Jun 30, 2015
William Shatner's "Star Trek: The Next Generation" documentary "Chaos on the Bridge," which debuted back in August on HBO Canada, is finally available in the United States starting July 1. The hour-long interview series focuses on the launch of the series in 1987, and includes participation from some key "Next Generation" players, including cast, crew, and early-year writers.

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