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News ImagePREORDER: "Hearts and Minds" Mar 21, 2017
Continuing their exploration of the Odyssean Pass, Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the Enterprise discover what they at first believe is a previously uncharted world, with a civilization still recovering from the effects of global nuclear war - but an astonishing priority message from Starfleet Command warns that there’s more to this planet than meets the eye!

News ImageTrek Comics: DEVIATIONS One-Shot Mar 16, 2017
All of Alpha Quadrant history has been rewritten in this special STAR TREK: DEVIATIONS comic one-shot, after Earth's first contact with alien life is not with the logical Vulcans, but with their warrior cousins... the Romulan Empire!

News ImagePREORDER: The Autobiography of Jean-Luc Picard Mar 12, 2017
COMING IN OCTOBER: In 2015, Captain James T. Kirk (with a little help from author David A. Goodman) brought us his own life story - now Goodman is helping Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the Enterprise-D (and E!) with a tell-all book of his own. Preorder THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF JEAN-LUC PICARD from Amazon today!

News ImageTNG S6: "Rascals" Blu-ray Screencaps Mar 10, 2017
After an unusual spatial distortion envelopes one of the Enterprise's shuttles, the crew beams back to the ship... but Captain Picard, Ro Laren, Guinan, and Keiko O'Brien rematerialize as children! Crusher works to find a way to restore them back to their adult selves, but when a ship of rogue Ferengi commandeer the Enterprise, it's up to the kid captain to save the ship!

News ImageREVIEW: "Headlong Flight" Mar 09, 2017
Surveying a nebula as part of their continuing exploration of the previously uncharted Odyssean Pass, Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the Enterprise-D encounter a rogue planet which jumps between alternate dimensions - as does Picard and the Enterprise-E crew! Two alternate Enterprises must work together, and 'what might have been' meets 'what is' in "Headlong Flight."

News ImageTNG S6: "True Q" Blu-ray Screencaps Feb 25, 2017
When Amanda Rogers, a young scientist taking up an internship aboard the Enterprise-D, begins to manifest strange powers defying reality, Q soon arrives to reveal her hidden nature as a member of the Q Continuum - and tests her to see if she can live like a human!

News ImageTNG S6: "Schisms" Blu-ray Screencaps Feb 18, 2017
When various members of the Enterprise crew, including Commander Riker, appear to be randomly disappearing from the ship (and returning just as mysteriously), they must work together to recover memories of their trips away from home - but after learning the crew may be subjects of an alien science experiment, Riker must risk his life to stop them!

News ImageTNG S6: "Relics" Blu-ray Screencaps Feb 12, 2017
Much like Montgomery Scott, our STAR TREK: TNG Blu-ray screencaps were held in stasis for a long time... but after nearly two years, we're happy to return to the 24th Century as we are finally able to bring you the next round of 1080p images from TNG Season 6! And what better episode to being with - Jimmy Doohan's appearance in "Relics!"

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