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News ImageTNG S6: "Face of the Enemy" Blu-ray Screencaps  Jul 25, 2017
When Deanna Troi mysteriously awakes on a Romulan warbird with no clue to how she got there, she finds that she's been surgically altered against her will to become a member of the Tal Shiar, the deadly and feared Romulan intelligence service!

News ImageFIRST LOOK: Hallmark 'Battle-Damaged' Enterprise-C Jul 20, 2017
Transported through time, the USS Enterprise-C is back once more from Hallmark, with a new 'battle-damaged' variant debuting at San Diego Comic-Con this week! This new ornament is an event exclusive -- also hitting STLV and NY Comic Con -- so come check out our photos and review of this new starship and see if this version of the ship is for you!

News ImageOUT NOW: Klingon Travel Guide Jul 12, 2017
AVAILABLE NOW: After helping Federation-bound intergalactic travelers find their way around planet Vulcan in last year’s Hidden Universe Travel Guides: Vulcan, literary Trek luminary Dayton Ward returns to help plan your summer vacation to THE KLINGON EMPIRE!

News ImageReview: Eaglemoss' TREK GRAPHIC NOVELS, Vol. 3 Jul 11, 2017
In this final entry of our three-part review series, we take a look at Eaglemoss' STAR TREK GRAPHIC NOVEL COLLECTION, a series of hardcover reprints of Trek comics from years gone by! Next up is the 2012 time-twisting Borg tale HIVE... in which Captain Picard must defeat Locutus of Borg - with the help of Seven of Nine!

News ImagePreorder: STAR TREK CATS - TNG! Jul 06, 2017
Somebody go check on Spot: looks like illustrator Jenny Parks is taking STAR TREK CATS to the 24th Century in 2018! Preorder STAR TREK CATS: THE NEXT GENERATION at Amazon now!

News ImageTrek Comics: MIRROR BROKEN #2 Jul 01, 2017
Dive back in to the Mirror Universe in this second issue of STAR TREK: TNG - MIRROR BROKEN! Captain Picard is working up a desperate scheme to get away from the decaying I.S.S. Stargazer, and must turn to an unlikely ally to steal command of the Empire's newest warship... the I.S.S. Enterprise!

News Image TNG's "Farpoint" FX Fiasco Jun 12, 2017
FLASHBACK: Filmed 30 years ago today, the very first STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION deleted scene was shot during the making of "Encounter at Farpoint." If you missed it back in 2013, check out our breakdown of this lost sequence from TNG's pilot episode!

News ImageOPERATION ENTERPRISE Roller Coaster Takes Flight May 30, 2017
OPERATION ENTERPRISE, the Star Trek-themed roller coaster which has spent the past several months in development at Movie Park Germany, has finally opened for park visitors and Trek adventurers! Already several German park attendees have filmed on-site videos of their experience in the Federation Plaza, where the whole attraction just screams Star Trek at every turn.

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