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News ImageTNG Single Discs Starting at $7.49! Nov 27, 2015
The first four standalone TNG Blu-ray discs are as cheap as $7.49 each -- if you've been waiting to complete your collection, scoop them up at this discounted price! Each one includes exclusive commentary and documentary features not part of the full-season sets, along with special interviews with guest stars!

News ImageTNG REWIND: "Q Who" HD Comparison Video Nov 22, 2015
After being flung across the galaxy by the omnipotent Q, the Enterprise-D has a mysterious encounter with an enormous cube-shaped vessel -- and while a cybernetic boarding party visits Main Engineering, the ship cuts a chunk from the Enterprise hull. Who are these robotic foes, and will the crew escape with their lives?!

News ImageTNG S7: "Descent, Part II" HD Comparison Video Nov 13, 2015
The final year of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" launches with the second half of a two-part adventure! While Picard tries to free Data from Lore's control - with the covert assistance of Riker and the free drone Hugh - Beverly Crusher must fly the Enterprise into the heart of a star to save the ship from a rogue Borg vessel! It's "Descent, Part II" in high definition!

News ImageTNG REWIND: "Pen Pals" HD Comparison Video Nov 07, 2015
While the Enterprise is exploring a planetary system on the verge of total self-destruction, a lone transmission from a pre-warp civilization catches Data's attention -- and when Picard and the crew find out, they must decide if the Prime Directive will keep them from saving young Sarjenka's people!

News ImageTNG REWIND: "The Icarus Factor" Comparison Video Nov 03, 2015
Anbo-jyutsu: the ultimate evolution if the martial arts! Will Riker and his long-estranged father fight to settle their decades-old conflict when the elder Riker beams aboard the Enterprise to brief his son about a new command opportunity -- but while the ship's first officer is figuring out his family issues, Worf is longing for some painstik action!

News ImageTNG REWIND: "Time Squared" HD Comparison Video Oct 28, 2015
After finding a mysterious duplicate of Captain Picard, the crew soon realizes he's been thrown back in time after narrowly escaping the destruction of the Enterprise -- but when the starship encounters a violent rift in space in the present, they must find a way to avoid the fate of their timeswept captain!

News ImageCHAOS ON THE BRIDGE Now Available on DVD! Oct 25, 2015
William Shatner's CHAOS ON THE BRIDGE documentary, focused on the first two years of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" - with rare interviews with one-time showrunner Maurice Hurley - is now available on DVD after premiering on streaming video earlier this summer. Pick up your copy today!

News ImageTNG REWIND: "The Royale" SD / HD Comparison Video Oct 23, 2015
When scouting a mysterious structure on the surface of a seemingly lifeless planet, Riker, Worf, and Data find themselves trapped in a bizarre recreation of 20th Century Earth -- a casino that kept a dead man trapped for hundreds of years without escape! Roll the dice and watch "The Royale" HD today!

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