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News ImageREVIEW: Eaglemoss Shuttlecraft Set #2 Jan 15, 2018
We open up the shuttlebay to welcome the next four Starfleet auxiliary craft from Eaglemoss' Official Starships Collection shuttlecraft series: TNG's Type-7 and Type-15 shuttle, the 'Star Trek VI'-era Executive shuttle, and the 'Enterprise'-era shuttlepod.

News ImageREVIEW: Eaglemoss USS Jenolan and Smuggler’s Ship Jan 07, 2018
We’re back with another look at the recent subscriber releases from Eaglemoss’ Official Starships Collection, and today it’s a look at issues #104 and 105, the USS Jenolan from “Relics” and the mysterious Smuggler’s Ship from “Unification.”

News ImageREVIEW: Titan -- "Fortune of War" Dec 30, 2017
David Mack's first STAR TREK: TITAN novel arrives with "Fortune of War," a follow-up to TNG Season 3's "The Survivors," where an incredibly powerful alien revealed that he destroyed the entire Husnock race... but what happened to the Husnock empire's deadly ships, weapons, and technology? Check out our review of this latest book in the series!

News ImageREVIEW: Prometheus -- "Fire With Fire" Dec 24, 2017
The first English translation of the STAR TREK: PROMETHEUS novel series arrives from Germany after its 2016 debut, but how does it fare for a the first outing of a new Starfleet ship and crew? Check out our review of "Fire With Fire" and find out!

News ImageREVIEW: Picard 'Isolinear Circuits' Prop Replica Dec 09, 2017
After the release earlier this year of their Picard Desk Crystal replica, December’s new Picard Isolinear Circuits are the second item in Roddenberry’s “Picard Desk Set” line of screen-accurate prop recreation from "Star Trek: The Next Generation" -- check out our review!

News ImagePREORDER: "Prometheus: The Root of All Rage" Dec 09, 2017
The second English translation of Germany's STAR TREK: PROMETHEUS novel series comes to the USA in May 2018, and you can preorder now! In a curious region of space, fanatics who call themselves the Purifying Flame are trying to start a galactic war, and the Federation has sent the U.S.S. Prometheus to settle the crisis... but the crew must contend with both the hostile Renao and the Klingon captain of the I.K.S Bortas, who is desperate for war!

News ImageTrek Comics: MIRROR BROKEN #5 Dec 06, 2017
2017's "Star Trek: The Next Generation" Mirror Universe adventure wraps up with MIRROR BROKEN #5, as Picard, Riker, and the ISS Enterprise crew make a final stand against the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance!

News ImageREVIEW: Eaglemoss XL Enterprise NCC-1701-D Dec 06, 2017
Last week we took a look at Eaglemoss’ large-size XL USS Enterprise-E, and now we’re jumping back a few years in the Trek timeline to the Galaxy-class Enterprise-D from STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION!

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