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News ImageTrek Comics: "Waypoint #1" Oct 01, 2016
IDW's newest "Star Trek" comics endeavor launches this month with WAYPOINT, a new bi-monthly anthology series that will touching on all facets of the "prime" Trek timeline. The first issue tells two imaginative stories: one featuring Data and Geordi in an alternate future, and a second where Lt. Uhura takes center stage for her own first contact mission!

News ImageTNG S7: "All Good Things, Part II" HD Comparison Jul 31, 2016
It’s the end of the line for the crew of the Enterprise-D, as Captain Picard’s journey through time and space requires him to think beyond his normal comprehension to solve Q’s ultimate test – and undo twenty-five years of history to save the universe!

News ImageTNG S7: "All Good Things, Part I" HD Comparison Jul 24, 2016
Captain Jean-Luc Picard finds himself bouncing through space and time, from his earliest days aboard the Enterprise-D to the far future as an old man back on Earth, seemingly at random and without any sense of purpose – but when his old nemesis Q fails to appear at his historically-honored time, there’s no doubt to who is behind this mystery!

News ImageTNG S7: "Preemptive Strike" HD Comparison Video Jul 16, 2016
After a long absence, newly-minted Lieutenant Ro Laren returns to the Enterprise where she's given a dangerous mission: infiltrate the Maquis, a rebel group fighting against Cardassian encroachment on their colony worlds. But after seeing their struggle first-hand, Ro must make a life-changing choice: follow her new friends, or betray Picard!

News ImageTNG S7: "Emergence" HD Comparison Video Jul 04, 2016
When a series of puzzling events begin to affect the holodeck - and spread to the rest of the ship - the Enterprise crew's analysis leads to a surprising conclusion: the starship is creating its own offspring! To prevent their own destruction, the Starfleet crew must ensure the survival of the emerging lifeform!

News ImageWAYPOINT Comic to Revisit Prime STAR TREK Timeline Jul 02, 2016
Comics publisher IDW Publishing has focused their monthly "Star Trek" releases mostly on the Kelvin Timeline for the past several years - but beginning this September, IDW will be traveling across the "Trek" multiverse with a new universe-spanning anthology series covering all eras of "Star Trek" adventure.

News ImageTNG S7: "Bloodlines" HD Comparison Video Jul 02, 2016
Bok, a dangerous Ferengi from Picard's past, returns with a threat against a young man the Starfleet officer has never met... who Bok claims to be the captain's son! When the villain kidnaps Jason Vigo in order to kill him in revenge for his own son's death, it's up to Picard to rescue the innocent civilian!

News ImageTNG S7: "Firstborn" HD Comparison Video Jun 20, 2016
Worf and Alexander encounter K'mtar - an old family friend of the House of Mogh - after an assassination attempt at Klingon outpost, where the elder warrior saves the security officer's life. But while he attempts to coax Alexander to adopt a more traditional Klingon lifestyle, his secret is revealed: K'mtar is Alexander, back in time from a dark future!

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