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Born in 2366, Alexander is the son of Worf and the late Federation Ambassador K'Ehleyr.

Although Alexander spent his infancy with his mother, following her death he returned to Earth to live with Worf's adoptive parents, Sergey and Helena Rozhenko. Worf was initially reluctant to recognize Alexander as his son, fearing his discommendation would bring him shame.

As he grew older, Alexander resented the fact that Worf left him in the care of his adoptive grandparents. His disenchantment led him to enlist in the Klingon Defense Force, where he was assigned to the I.K.S. Rotarran. He served together with Worf aboard the Rotarran, but tensions with his father led to his eventual transfer to the I.K.S. Ya'Vang.

In 2374, Alexander agreed to take part in the wedding ceremony of his father and Jadzia Dax.

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A precocious blond moppet of TV who graduated to features with adolescence, Bonsall was Andrew Keaton, the adorable little brother of Michael J Fox, during the last three seasons (1986-89) of the hit NBC sitcom "Family Ties".

So cute as to tug at maternal heartstrings, he proved a natural for issue-oriented TV-movies about juvenile AIDS ("Go Toward the Light", CBS 1988) and child molestation ("Do You Know the Muffin Man?", CBS 1989). Bonsall's credits include various TV specials and series guest spots.

Under heavy make-up, he portrayed the Klingon youth Alexander, the son of Worf, on the syndicated "Star Trek: The Next Generation". In his feature debut, "Mikey" (1992), Bonsall improbably was cast as a psychotic kid who murders a succession of foster families. He reverted to type as the innocent son of Patrick Swayze in "Father Hood" (1993).

By 1994, though, Bonsall was tiring of the acting grind and after appearing in that year's uninspired "Blank Check" and two TV-movies "Father and Scout" (ABC) and "Lily in Winter" (USA Network), more or less retired when his mother and future stepfather relocated to Denver. Proving unruly in school, he was sent to the Missouri Military Academy for a year before returning to Colorado. In Denver, he and two friends formed the punk rock band Late Bloomers and issued a recording ("This One's for Dick"). Unlikely to return to acting (although one never can say never), Bonsall has stated he plans to defer college and concentrate on a music career when he graduates from high school in 2000.

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