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Although suffering her share of life tragedies, Beverly Crusher brings to her work and her relationships a deep-rooted sense of ethics as well as a freshness and good humor that is infectious. Indeed, at times she has served as the glue to hold situations together, while at other times acting as the needler to provoke a necessary reaction or course.

Dr. Crusher spent her formative years with her grandmother, Felisa Howard, who raised her from an early age after her mother died. In fact, it was Felisa's knowledge of folk medicine which allowed the two Howards to be among the few survivors of the Arvada III colony disaster, inspiring the younger Crusher to choose medicine as her life's work.

Young Beverly had spent her earliest years on Earth's North America, which she still considers "home"; she studied tap and jazz dance there and won several awards in competition in St. Louis. Intimate relationships have been mostly healthy for Crusher, who suffered with typical human growing-up angst: getting a crush on a soccer player three years her senior, Stefan, at age 8, and dying her naturally red hair brunette at age 13 when she fretted over teenage popularity.

It was her marriage to Lt. Cmdr. Jack Crusher that provided the major trauma of her adult life when he died on an away team mission off the U.S.S. Stargazer under Captain Jean-Luc Picard in 2355. Before their wedding on July 20, 2348, during her medical schooling, the future Crushers had dated for several months until he finally proposed by sending her the book "How To Advance Your Career Through Marriage." The two had first been introduced by Walker Keel, who with Jack had been Picard's closest friend during their early years in Starfleet; ironically, her relationship with Jack followed an intense but brief affair that had already run its course.

The new couple and Picard became close friends during those years the men served on Picard's U.S.S. Stargazer. The captain later accompanied her to the Starbase 32 morgue to view Jack's corpse, but it was not until years later - again, in 2370 - that Picard confirmed her suspicion that he too was attracted to her, thanks to a telepathic linkage while held as spies on Kesprytt. Picard had denied there would be any personal problems when she signed aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise as his CMO in 2364 at Farpoint Station, but in reality both knew they shared a latent interest in each other by the time of the Tsiolkovsky virus epidemic that brought it out only a few weeks later.

In her later years Dr. Crusher had another intimate yet short-lived relationship with the Joined Trill ambassador Odan, and had displayed affection for an evolving Zalkon called "John Doe" and visiting historian Berlinghoff Rasmussen - the latter only until his time-traveling story turned out to be a hoax.

Dr. Crusher, who often serves a night watch on the bridge, aided in the capture of the renegade Borg under Lore in 2370 with the strategic loss of their craft while in command of the Enterprise. She has not shirked from risk on away missions, as when exploring the Borg ship upon Picard's abduction in 2366. She was taken as a hostage by the Ansata terrorists to provide their medical care on Rutia IV earlier that same year, and was nearly captured by Cardassians with Worf on a covert raid on Celtris III with Picard, who was taken. Ironically, she almost died in a diminishing universe created from her own mind, thanks to a subspace warp bubble experiment of her son gone awry.

As can be seen from the theatre masks decorating the walls of her quarters, much of the doctor's well-rounded personality stems from her many interests in the stage arts. Although she hid her dance skills in later years to avoid the hated nickname of "The Dancing Doctor" that stuck in medical school, she has actively fostered her own acting class and theatre troupe here aboard the Enterprise. Among the productions she has directed are "Cyrano de Bergerac," "The Pirates of Penzance," "Frame of Mind," and "Something for Breakfast"; her students have included Lieutenant Barclay, a reluctant Commander La Forge, and even Commander Riker, whose halting first scenes improved dramatically under her coaching before culminating with his riveting performance in "Frame of Mind."

Gates McFadden is Chief Medical Officer Dr. Beverly Crusher, in Star Trek: The Next Generation. She's also the mother of Wesley (Wil Wheaton), the Enterprise's brilliant young ensign.

Prior to joining the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation, McFadden worked extensively on the New York stage, both acting and directing. Her roles include leads in the New York productions of "To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday," "How to Say Goodbye," "Cloud 9" and "Emerald City."

During the third season of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Gates was seen in "Beyond the Groove," a British television production, written and starring the late actor David Rappaport. Other roles included the lead in the world premiere stage production of Derek Walcott's "Viva Detroit" in Los Angeles, the one-hour drama Marker during UPN's debut season, and the feature films "Taking Care of Business" and "The Hunt for Red October." McFadden also appeared in "The Muppets Take Manhattan." After that, she continued to work with Jim Henson for several years, serving as director of choreography and puppet movement on the film "Labyrinth."

Raised in Ohio, McFadden served on the faculties of several theater arts training programs around the country including New York University Graduate School of the Arts, Brandeis University and the University of Pittsburgh. She earned her B.A. cum laude in Theater Arts from Brandeis University and studied with Jacques LeCoq in Paris for several years. In 1991, prior to filming the fifth season of TNG, Gates gave birth to a next generation of her own, James Cleveland McFadden-Talbot.

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