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Although actually of mixed human and Betazoid heritage, Troi is one of many from her planet active in the Starfleet counselor corps and was ship's counselor for the U.S.S. Enterprise throughout its service life.

Following Academy graduation she returned to her homeworld for advanced psychology studies at the University there, where she befriended the troubled Tam Elbrun during his treatments for stress.

It was also during this period when she met and enjoyed a deep romance with her "imzadi," Starfleet Lieutenant William Riker. Riker is the only person she felt had the capacity to share full telepathic contact. They had planned to reunite six months after he left Betazed for the U.S.S. Potemkin in 2362, but his rapid career rise negated that and she eventually cooled to him. Despite latent feelings and her occasional use of the "imzadi" endearment, their professional life has remained largely platonic yet warm since their surprise reunion on the U.S.S. Enterprise two years later.

Romantic attractions of her own have included genetically bred Genome Colony leader Aaron Conner, the deaf mediator Riva, a brief dating relationship with fellow officer Worf, and an intense fling with negotiator Devinoni Ral.

Owing to concern about her lack of command expertise during a crisis stint as senior bridge officer on the U.S.S. Enterprise, she successfully completed the Starfleet bridge command exam in 2370.

She is also trained in languages and linguistics, often making her a valued first contact team member. During her original Enterprise posting she had preferred wearing non-regulation clothing as a calming influence on those about her, but following temporary commander Jellico's order to don a uniform in 2369, she began to make it habit.

Her career and Betazoid empathy have put Troi at risk during her career many times. She was abducted in a forced shuttlecraft crash in 2364 by the malevolent entity Armus on Vagra II, then barely survived abduction and surgical alternation in 2369 to pass as a Romulan Tal Shiar agent aboard a warship to help that Empire's underground smuggle out two high-ranking defectors. And a year later she nearly committed suicide in the nacelle plasma stream when reacting to an empathic echo left by a murderous original builder of the Enterprise. Troi has also been telepathically assaulted by a troubled Ullian archivist, Jev, and later nearly died from hyperaging as the emotional dumping ground of the Lumerian envoy Ves Alkar.

Dessert is her favorite part of a meal, and one of her greatest favorites and weaknesses is chocolate - a Ktarian chocolate puff is her very favorite. She's also part of the officers' poker circle, and once beat Data at tri-dimensional chess.


Marina Sirtis is Counselor Deanna Troi, a half-human/half-Betazoid.

"Deanna is also a very wise person with extensive knowledge of philosophy, psychology and different religions, and is called on to advise Captain Picard (Patrick Stewart) in a variety of situations," says Marina.

During the show's fifth season hiatus, Marina ventured into her own new frontier: marriage. A June bride, Marina wed musician Michael Lamper in a traditional Greek ceremony.

Born in East London to Greek parents, and brought up in North London, Marina attended the Guild Hall School of Music and Drama. Shortly after graduation, she became a member of the Worthing Repertory Theater, where she portrayed Ophelia in "Hamlet," among other classical roles.

Marina has worked extensively in British television, in musical theater and in repertory companies throughout England and Europe. In addition to appearing in the feature film "The Wicked Lady" with Faye Dunaway, Marina revealed her considerable vocal talents in a European tour of the immensely popular "Rocky Horror Show." During the third season hiatus, Marina returned to England, where she filmed the feature "One Last Chance" for the BBC, which was shot on location in London and Windsor. As well, Marina played a cameo role in the film "Waxwork II: Adventures in Time."

Star Trek: The Next Generation's viewers do not hear Marina's English accent, but rather a combination of several different accents that she has devised. "In the 24th century, geographical or nationalistic barriers are not so evident. The Earth as a planet is your country, your nationality. I didn't want anyone to be able to pin down my accent to any particular country, and being good at accents, the producers trusted me to come up with something appropriate," she explains.

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