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Wesley was born while his mother was in Starfleet Medical school preparing for a service career; his father, a lieutenant at the time, died in 2354 while on a U.S.S. Stargazer away mission under Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Some 10 weeks after Wesley's birth his father recorded a holomessage that was not revealed to him until early 2367. Before he died, though, Jack had taught his son how to play baseball, which became Wesley's favorite sport. Picard did not see the boy from the time of Jack's death until he came aboard the new Galaxy-class U.S.S. Enterprise with his mother at Deneb IV's Farpoint Station in 2364.

Picard and Dr. Crusher were first made aware of the teen's Mozart-like genius and destiny in 2364 while the Traveler was assisting in extreme warp speed experiments. He was one of the few to begin tapping the power within him that most people ignore, the Traveler told them - the power that leads to genius and insight.

Following that encounter, the captain named Wesley an acting ensign on Stardate 41263.4 to gain bridge access and begin studies for Starfleet Academy entrance exams. He qualified to take the exam later that year on Relva VII, one month shy of his 16th birthday, but placed second out of four when only one slot was open.

Later in 2366, because he chose to help rescue Commander Riker, Deanna Troi and her mother and miss his chance at the Starfleet Academy entrance orals he finally qualified for, Picard granted him a field promotion to full ensign about Stardate 43931. He continued to earn Academy credits based on his shipboard work and experience, prior to his acceptance for admission, and always received top grades.

With a late vacancy opening up, he finally left the U.S.S. Enterprise to accept an appointment to Starfleet Academy on Stardate 44307.3, but not before outwitting an inept freighter pilot and an electronic forcefield to penetrate a water source and save Picard when they crash-landed on a desert moon.

During his years on the U.S.S. Enterprise, he was sentenced to death on Rubicun III in 2364 by the Edo while on shore leave, and his youthful leadership skills led him to be kidnapped by the sterile Aldeans. He has twice saved his mother directly: once in 2365 by tracking the Ansata terrorists holding her hostage through their dimensional shift, and in 2366 by creating a gateway back from the warp-bubble reality closing in on her. It was his experiment that had gone awry that caused her loss, but is was this dilemma which prompted a second visit from the Traveler, who aided him.

Significant romantic encounters have included the Daledian princess Salia in 2365, his first ever at age 16, and Ensign Robin Lefler, an Enterprise junior engineer, during his freshman Academy year in 2368.

Wil Wheaton became the first teenager to be cast in a permanent role on Star Trek when, as a 16-year-old, he got the part of Wesley Crusher. Already a big Star Trek fan when he auditioned for Wesley, Wil was thrilled when his agent called to tell him the news.

Wheaton had already been in the acting business for some time when he was cast for the new Star Trek. At age seven he began doing commercials and his list of credits has grown steadily since then. He is probably best known for his role in the Rob Reiner movie "Stand By Me." Shot on location in Oregon, Wil has fond memories of the filming: "That film was great fun because it was four kids and Rob Reiner. It was not only fun, it was an incredible learning experience."

His other features include "The Buddy System," "The Secret of NIMH," "Flubber" and "Foreign Correspondents." Wheaton has also appeared in numerous television movies, such as "The Day Lincoln Was Shot," "Young Harry Houdini," "A Long Way Home," and "The Defiant Ones." He's also made guest appearances on popular TV shows such as Family Ties, St. Elsewhere, The Outer Limits, Diagnosis Murder and Highway to Heaven.

Currently, Wil is married and living Los Angeles. He divides his time among several projects.

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