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Quickly rising to become one of the chief medical officer's major nurses and surgery assistants, Alyssa Ogawa displays a healthy cheerfulness and concern for her patient as well as a cool head in the type of crisis her career demands.

A bit conservative in her personal life, Ogawa enjoyed a Holodeck visit to Paris with a date in 2368 but wasn't sure about a more intimate trip to the infamous resort on Risa. Her personal life picked up pace in the next year: after dating Ens. Markson, she became engaged to Lt. Andrew Powell at the time of her promotion only a few weeks later; the two were soon married, although she opted to continue using her maiden name professionally. Sadly, her pregnancy ended in a miscarriage later in the year during Captain Picard's time-slipping incidents, but not until after her womb's amniotic fluids had helped save the crew from the de-evolution of the Barclay T-Cell Syndrome.

Ogawa has assisted Dr. Crusher with high skill and flying colors under numerous stressful situations, including the revival of the captain when in the grip of a Kataaran neural probe beam, assisting during highly experimental surgery to replace the chief of security's spinal column, and the crash of the vessel's saucer section on Veridian III in 2371. Ogawa has also demonstrated a personal bond and trust with her superior that no one in the department currently can match, risking her career to perform a banned Ferengi autopsy during Dr. Crusher's temporary and unwarranted relief from duty in 2369.

Best known for her portrayal as Nurse Alyssa Ogawa on Star Trek: The Next Generation, Patti Yasutake became a regular in 1990 and appeared for five years. She can also be seen in the motion pictures Star Trek Generations and Star Trek First Contact.

During the last season on Star Trek: The Next Generation, she was in a Hallmark commercial about an Enterprise Christmas ornament. She did the commercial as Alyssa, her character on Star Trek. In the commercial, she is in her quarters asking the computer questions about the ornament.

Patti worked as the Administrative Director of the Howard Fine Acting Studio for a couple of years.

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