Episode Audio Clips


Below are high quality audio caps from this episode presented in mp3 format. Please let us know if we've missed a favorite quote of yours from this episode and we'll try and add it!  Many thanks to Björn Jentsch for these files!
Picard: "Captain's log, stardate 41235.25: Our location: Planet Ligon II, source of a rare vaccine needed on Federation planet Styrus IV. Starfleet has instructed me to engage in a friendly visit and open treaty negotiations to acquire this medicinal substance."
Lutan: "Your skill impresses me. I like you."
Picard: "Captain's log, stardate 41235.32: I am concerned. Over a full day of waiting with no response from Lutan. We are now testing whether they are aware of our sensors probing them. So far we believe we have pinpointed Lutan's government compound."
Crusher: "Damn. Where are the callouses we doctors are supposed to grow over our feelings?"
Picard: "Perhaps the good ones never get them."
Picard: "Wesley?"
Wesley: "I haven't stepped one food on your bridge, Captain."
Riker: "It's alright, Sir, I'll see that he leaves immediately."
Picard: "No."
Riker: "No?"
Picard: "Why don't you . . . sit at OPS next to Lieutenant LaForge?"
Wesley & LaForge [in unison]: "Sir?"
Picard: "Is the whole ship deaf? Sit down over there, young man . . . temporarily!"
Picard: "Let's hear the analysis."
Data: "It is a highly structured society in which people live by strict codes of honor. For example what Lutan did is similar to what certain American Indians once did called 'county coup'. That is from an obscure language known as 'French'. 'County coup' . . . "
Picard: "Mr. Data. The French language for centuries on Earth represented civilisation."
Data: "Indeed? But surely, Sir . . . "
Riker: "I suggest you drop it, Mr. Data."
Data: "Yes, Sir."
Troi: "Commander."
Riker: "Commander? That's quite formal."
Troi: "So is this request, Sir . . . We believe it would be preferable, if the Captain led this away party."
Data: "Agreed, Sir. Their customs concerning guests make it much preferable."
Riker: "And I'm very much against that idea. Lutan is clearly a liar,
and devious. Counselor Troi has admitted she believes he's capable of killing. It is my duty to keep the Captain from danger, sir."
Data: "Except that Ligonian custom makes it clear that a visiting leader becomes an honored guest. Not us, not second in command, him."
Troi: "And the custom requires that Lutan should die rather than violate that."
Riker: "Yes, it seems reasonable, put that way. But I warn you: If you get hurt I'll put you on report, Captain."
Picard: "Have you been treated well, Lieutenant?"
Yar: "Fine, Captain. But they are showing some signs of wear."
Riker [log entry]: "Ship's log, First Officer Riker reporting: We've been informed of the challenge to Lieutenant Yar and are maintaining combat readiness round the clock. We are probing Lutan's compound deeply with our sensors now, still unnoticed."
Picard: "It's a great pity you began by abducting my security officer, Lutan, because I should tell you: I do admire the hospitality you offer here."
Lutan: "I am in the grip of forces you do not understand."
Picard: "Some of it I do understand. She's a rather lovely female."
Lutan: "You surprise me, Captain. What do you know of needs and feelings?"
Picard: "Nothing. Well, almost nothing."
Data: "Why that razor, my friend? Why not the one I adjusted to perfect efficiency?"
LaForge: "Shaving is a human art form, Data. Technological perfection can shave too close."
Picard: "You have both seen the message about the plague."
LaForge: "And how badly the vaccine is needed. Yes, Sir."
Picard: "We need to know as much as possible about Ligonian armaments. Data, especially important is an analysis of their combat capabilities. Geordie, concentrate on their cutting edges wherever applicable. Durability, composition. Weaknesses in material."
LaForge: "Aye, Sir."
Data: "From any particular point of view, Sir?"
Picard: "From the perspective of Lieutenant Yar using them in combat with Lutan's wife."
Data: "Most interesting. Could this be Human Joke Number 663?"
LaForge: "Negative, Data. That's a captain's order."
Data: "Which makes it important to know which of these weapons are to be used."
Picard: "And that won't be known until combat begins."
Riker [log entry]: "Ship's log, Commander William Riker reporting: Continuing our appraisal of Ligonian technology, the Captain has made it clear he wants Lieutenant Yar beamed immediately to safety if her life should become endangered. I fervidly hope the rules of that contest make it possible."
Riker [log entry]: "First Officer's log, supplemental: Captain Picard, faced with a critical need for a vaccine produced on this planet, has permitted Lieutenant Natasha Yar to engage in a fight to the death. I have yet to understand his reasoning or his plan."