Episode Audio Clips


Below are high quality audio caps from this episode presented in mp3 format. Please let us know if we've missed a favorite quote of yours from this episode and we'll try and add it!  Many thanks to Björn Jentsch for these files!
Picard: "Captain's log, stardate 41294.5: Our destination, a class M Beta Cassius planet known simply as "Haven". It is a world so renown for its peaceful beauty, that some believe it to have mystical healing powers. We will rest and relax. All too briefly, I fear."
Picard: "Captain's personal log: I trust my concern over the problems of ship's counsellor Troi are not based merely on losing a highly valuable crew member. But it seems to me that she is trapped by a custom of her homeworld, which the facts of 24th century life have made unwise and unworkable. I wish I could intervene."
Picard: "Captain's log, supplemental. It has been believed the Tarellian race was extinct - an assumption contradicted now, by the sight of one of their vessels approaching Haven."
Picard: "Mr. Data."
Data: "Sir?"
Picard: "You're circling the room like a buzzard."
Data: "Perhaps being human yourself, sir, you do not find them as intriguing as I."
Mrs. Miller: "Must he do that?"
Lwaxana: "As you well know, it is the Betazed way of giving
thanks for the food we eat."
Mrs. Miller: "You giving thanks? Besides, you never did this before."
Lwaxana: "I do it now. Unlike some people, I am in growth."
(The apparently decorative leaf-like thing on her sleeve, shakes at her)
Lwaxana: "Victoria, I've forgotten whether you enjoy pets or not."
Mrs. Miller: "Love them, of course."
Lwaxana: "Good."
(So the thing on her sleeve slides over to Victoria Miller, who of course screams)
Lwaxana: "Gently, gently. Poor baby, did she hurt you?"
Riker: "Captain. If you'll excuse me, I'd like to spend some time considering the Tarellian situation."
Picard: "Yes, of course."
Riker: "Ladies and gentlemen."
(Riker leaves)
Data: "Mrs. Troi, I'm very interested in the Betazed ceremony you mentioned. Could you tell us more?"
Lwaxana: "Why, I'd be delighted, Commander. It's an ancient ceremony, widely regarded as the most beautiful in the universe.
After the young couple have removed their clothing."
Yar: "The bride and groom go naked?"
Lwaxana: "All guests must go unclothed, it honours the act of love being celebrated."
(Mrs. Miller starts coughing)
Lwaxana: "No, you needn't worry too much, dear, your body's not that bad. Besides, your husband quite likes the idea of seeing me
Mrs. Miller: "Steven!"
Lwaxana: "Oh you did know he's attracted to me, didn't you?"
Mr. Miller: "Untrue, I don't . . . "
Troi: "Stop this petty bickering, all of you! Especially you, mother!"
Data: "Could you please continue the petty bickering? I find it most intriguing."
Picard [log entry]: "Captain's log, supplemental: All attempts at warning off the Tarellian ship have failed. They still refuse to communicate and I'm growing concerned."
Picard [log entry]: "Captain's log, stardate 41294.6: Orbiting Haven with a Tarellian vessel locked in our tractor beam. Question: What strange combination of circumstances has caused a woman out of someone's imagination to appear on a plague ship?"
Homn [to Picard]: "Thank you for the drinks."
Lwaxana: "Captain! Even Zelo never had such thoughts about me! You may energize."
Troi: "That was meant as a joke, Captain."
Picard: "I was not amused."