Episode Audio Clips


Below are high quality audio caps from this episode presented in mp3 format. Please let us know if we've missed a favorite quote of yours from this episode and we'll try and add it!  Many thanks to Björn Jentsch for these files!
Picard: "Captain's log, stardate 41263.1: We have rendezvoused with the U.S.S. Fearless, from which a Starfleet propulsion expert and his assistant are beaming over to conduct tests on the Enterprise's Warp drive engines. They have completed similar adjustments on two other Starfleet vessels."
Picard: "Captain's log, stardate 41263.2: This will be a rather unusual log entry, assuming Starfleet ever receives it. As I have already informed my crew a phenomenal surge of power during a Warp speed experiment has sent our starship hurtling out of our own galaxy and past another, taking us over 2,700,000 lightyears in a few minutes."
Wesley: "Is Mister Kosinski like he sounds? A joke?"
Traveller: "No, that's too cruel. He has sensed some small part of this."
Wesley: "That space and time and thought aren't the separate things they appear to be?"
[Traveller looks at Wesley, alarmed]
Wesley: "I just thought the formula you were using said something like that."
Traveller: "Boy, don't ever say that again! Especially not at your age in a world that's not ready for such... such dangerous nonsense."
Kosinski: "I've always suspected that this rate of speed was possible, of course, but at this level? No, never. We're going to need new definitions. New parameters."
Argyle: "Perhaps you could call it the Kosinski Scale."
Kosinski: "Why not? Yes, of course! Since I'm the one who has made the so-called Warp barrier meaningless."
Picard: "Comment is invited. Counsellor?"
Troi: "He's convinced he's right. I've no doubt of that."
Worf: "Captain. Can you allow a man who has made one mistake back into a position where he may make another?"
LaForge: "Captain. What are our options, really? I mean, if this guy can't get us back, who will?"
Data: "Captain. We're here. Why not avail ourselves of this opportunity for study? There is a giant protostar here in the process of forming. No other vessel has been out this far."
Picard: "Spoken like a true Starfleet graduate."
Picard: "Captain's log, stardate 41263.3: Instead of returning to our own galaxy the Enterprise has gone forward to a place in the universe, which is uncharted and unknown. Our present position puts us a billion lightyears from our galaxy."
[a Klingon targ appears on the bridge]
Yar: "What is it?"
Worf: "A Klingon targ. My pet. From home! . . . But when I was a child."
Yar: "You're telling me it's a kittycat?"
Worf: "Yes. I suppose you could call it that."
[a crewmember imagines himself taking part in a violin concert]
[Picard walks in on an Ensign who imagines herself taking part in a ballet]
Picard: "Ensign, what are you doing?"
[the Ensign snaps back to reality]
Maman: "You look tense, Jean-Luc. Come and have a cup of tea."
Picard: "Maman!"
Maman: "I'll make it good and strong, the way you like it. We will have a nice long talk."
Picard: "This can't be. You've been..."
Maman: "Dead? But I'm always with you, you know that."
Picard: "Yes, I've felt that. But why now, suddenly."
Maman: "You mean out here? At what you say us the end of the universe? Or do you see this as the beginning of it?"
Picard: "We believe it the outer rim. Maman, do you understand these things? Can you tell me where my ship is? What is this place?"
Riker: "Captain? You were reported headed for..."
(Picard turns to Riker)
Picard: "Just a moment, Number One!"
(Picard turns back, but his mother is gone)
Riker: "Can I help you, Sir?"
Picard: "No... No. Let's help all of us. (goes to a wall panel) General quarters, red alert!"
Picard: "Red alert!"
Picard: "Captain's log, supplemental: Our position is unknown and our only chance of returning to the known universe is a dieing alien who's generally humanoid, but with a physiology sufficiently different from our own to create medical problems in caring for him."
Riker: "You have this ability, to travel?"
Traveller: "Yes."
Riker: "And others of your kind have the same ability."
Traveller: "Oh yes."
Riker: "Then why? In all of our history has been no record of someone like you ever having visited us."
Traveller: "What wonderful arrogance. There is no record because we have not visited you before."
Riker: "Why not?"
Traveller: "Well, because up until now - if you forgive this - you've been . . . uninteresting. It's only now that your lifeform merits serious attention, I . . . I'm sorry . . . "
Picard: "Captain's log: Any time entry is meaningless. We have no choice but to repeat the same Warp experiment, but with one variation: A principal part of this Warp formula will be the thoughts of everyone aboard the Enterprise. We have no idea exactly how this works, we understand only that the Traveller makes use of this somehow. It will be most important that those aboard avoid random thoughts that might change the reality of what we're attempting to do."
Picard: "Captain's log, stardate 41263.4: For outstanding performance in the best Starfleet tradition Wesley Crusher is made Acting Ensign with the duties and privileges of that rank."
Picard [to Wesley]: "And whether that rank becomes permanent, Mr. Crusher, depends on you. The earliest opportunity, your entrance application for Starfleet Academy will be . Until then you will learn this ship. Every operation, every function."
Picard [to Riker]: "Commander Riker. A duty schedule for Mr. Crusher. Heavy on study."
Riker: "Aye, Sir."
Picard [to Wesley]: "Meanwhile you can sit here and learn something."
Riker: "Sir? Shall I send for Doctor Crusher?"
Picard: "Why, is someone ill? Or would you rather tell her about this, Wes?"
Wesley: "If you don't mind, Sir, I'd like to sit here for a while. I'll tell her later."