Episode Quotes


[Describing the Ferengi Vessel]
"Possibility, a malfunction in their engines, sir?"
: "Breaks my heart."
[Describing the Ferengi]
"Yankee traders, I like the sound of that."
Data: "Well, sir, I doubt they wear red, white, and blue, or look anything like Uncle Sam."
Worf: "Uncle who?"
Yar: "I say put all available power into a full-out combined phaser and photon torpedo salvo. Destroy their ability to sustain this forcefield, sir."
Worf: "Yes! Hit them hard and hit them fast."
Data: "Apologies, Captain. I seem to have reached an odd ... functional impasse. I am ... stuck."
Picard: "Then get unstuck and continue with the briefing."
Data: "Yes sir. That is what I am trying to do, sir. But the ... solution eludes me."
Geordi: "My hero!"
[Describing strange energy-absorbing crystals on Delphi Ardu]
"What do you make of these?"
Data: "Crystalline, mostly inert. Nothing to write home about."
Riker: "Excuse me?"
Data: "Slang, sir. I did use it correctly, did I not ?"
Letec: "It's true. You work with your females, arm them, and force them to wear clothing. Sickening!"
Mordoc: "And they shamelessly clothe their females, inviting others to unclothe them. The very depth of perversion."
Crusher: "Not a moment too soon Jean-Luc. .. I mean, 'Captain'."
Worf: "I say, 'fight', sir. There's nothing shameful in falling to a superior enemy."
Picard: "And nothing shameful in a strategic retreat either."
Picard: "Merde."
Picard: "He has the right to meet death awake."
Crusher: "Is that a male perspective?"
Picard: "Rubbish."

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