Episode Audio Clips


Below are high quality audio caps from this episode presented in mp3 format. Please let us know if we've missed a favorite quote of yours from this episode and we'll try and add it!  Many thanks to Matt Hosafros for these files!
Picard: "Captain's log, Stardate 41249.3, We have orbited the two major planets of the Beta Renner system taking aboard delegates from those two worlds. Since achieving spaceflight, their major lifeforms - the Anticans and the Selay have become deadly enemies. But both have also applied for entry into our Federation. We are to deliver these delegates to this sector's neutral conference planet, called Parliament, in the hope their dispute can be resolved."
LaForge: "So Worf, why the interest in this? It's just routine maintenance on the sensor assemblies."
Worf: "Simple Geordi. Our Captain wants his junior officers to learn, learn, learn."
LaForge: (laughs) "Not just his junior ones! OK you hold this relay offline while I adjust these sensor circuits"
LaForge: "He was just monitoring the sensor console when he jerked as though something hit him. What my sensors showed was... was a... a glow, just for a second I... I can't explain it."
Picard: "Could your VISOR device have malfunctioned?"
LaForge: "Hmm, I doubt it sir. It seemed like what I was seeing was something real."
Audio clip of Beta-Renner Cloud Entity sound effects when it infiltrates the Enterprise.
Picard: "Obviously you seem to fear it's something we should look at more carefully."
Data: "A mystery is only a mystery as long as it remains uninvestigated, sir."
Picard: "Hmm, I love a mystery Data. But this one will have to wait until we've delivered the delegates to their peace conference on Parliament. Time and tide, Lieutenant LaForge. Go to warp eight."
LaForge: "Warp eight, sir." (Warp engines engage)
Data: "Captain? There is a malfunction in this station. I cannot bring any information up on it. Science Two does not function either, sir."
Singh: (over the comm) "Engineering to Captain Picard. We have something wrong with warp drive circuitry, sir."
Chief: "Transporter room six to Bridge. Reporting transporter console malfunction, sir."
Picard: "Data, this ship is less than a year out of Spacedock. What are the chances of this occurring?"
Data: "It is a virtual impossibility, sir."
Picard: "So what the hell is going on here?"
Picard: "And you're telling me there are no explanations for these malfunctions?"
Riker: "At least, sir, all the department heads reported the damage repaired."
Picard: "That was not my question, Number One. What caused the malfunctions?"
: "I believe it was a rampant electronic short that jumped from system to system, sir. But the only thing is, er..."
Picard: "Yes, Mister Singh?"
Singh: "That shouldn't be possible. The affected systems don't generally interact with each other. And where they do, it wasn't an interlink that was malfunctioning."
Picard: "Have you spoken with Chief Engineer Argyle about this problem?"
Singh: "With all the Engineering staff, sir. They're just as puzzled."
: "Well I'm not satisfied with that. I want an explanation of this by the time we reach Parliament."
Singh: "But sir..."
Picard: "By the time we reach Parliament, Mr. Singh."
Data: "If the Enterprise were really this fragile, sir, she never would have left spacedock. Therefore, her systems failures are not endemic to the ship, but are the result of the actions of an unknown adversary."
Riker: "We have a saboteur aboard."
Data: "I believe I said that."
Picard: "Captain's Log, Stardate 41249.4. I've ordered an immediate investigation into the death of Assistant Chief Engineer Singh. We continue to run on impulse power."
Riker: "Sherlock Holmes. Indubitably, Data has been studying him."
Data: "Has studied, sir - every case. As Holmes would have pointed out... during the time in question, something was afoot!"
Tasha: "Afoot?"
Data: "While both sets of delegates say they were in their quarters, our crew locator sensed them passing here... and here."
Yar: "But since it doesn't show where they went, we're still in the dark."
Data: "On the contrary. On their return they drew medical supplies appropriate for the treatment of minor wounds and abrasions on these lifeforms."
Riker: "Which leaves us with only one conclusion."
Data: "Exactly. That they were too engaged in their own affairs to have disabled the ship and murdered the engineer. Given the choice they would rather kill each other than any of us. It's elementary, my dear Riker... sir."
Picard: "Data... let's proceed without the pipe."
Data: "Yes sir, if you wish sir."
Riker: "First officer's log, supplemental. After meeting with the senior officers, Doctor Crusher and I have decided to approach the captain about his recent behavior."
Riker: "First officer's log, supplemental. On the orders of Captain Picard, we have returned to the vicinity of the energy pattern "cloud." I am personally convinced that something from this "cloud" now shares the captain's mind. But there seems to be nothing we can do... at least within regulations."
Riker: "Captain, I must speak to you privately... now."
Data: "I understand. As an energy pattern free of the limitations of matter... it might travel anywhere, at any velocity."
Riker: "Captain, do you hear me?"
: "Sir, I see no way for you to journey with an energy form."
Picard: "Isn't there?"
Troi: "He's planning to beam himself and the entity into that
Picard: "The transporter need not pattern your Captain into matter. We'll beam energy only, and we will become a combined energy pattern of our life forms. A resignation from this command and from Starfleet has been appropriately recorded."
: "I refuse to allow this, Sir."
Picard: "How does this resignation threaten the ship or it's crew in any way?"
Crusher: "Captain Picard you are now relieved of duty. I judge you to be unstable and mentally incapacitated."
Riker: "First officer's log, supplemental. More than an hour has passed since the captain beamed out, energy only. Every effort has been made to determine his whereabouts."
Picard: "What the devil am I doing here?!"
Riker: "Sounds like our Captain..."
Troi: "But confused. This Picard-pattern was formed before he went out there..."
Picard: "What's happening to me, Number One? I was preparing to... to beam out... to somewhere. And I remember there was talk of an entity? But it all seems so vague..."
Data: "I believe the Captain is now his separate self, sir. Much of what happened is naturally missing..."
Picard: "What are you talking about Data ? Is this still "Sherlock Holmes?""
Data: "Indubitably, sir, indubitably."
Picard: "Hmm, well at least you got rid of that damned pipe."
Yar: "Captain!"
Picard: "Yes, Lieutenant"
Yar: "Sorry Commander, but Security Team Two reports they've discovered a puddle of blood outside the Selay Quarters and they can't find one of the delegates and..."
Riker: "Lieutenant, this couldn't have waited a moment?"
Tasha: "It's Good to see you, sir. The problem is that one of the cooks has just been asked to broil Reptile for the Anticans... and it looks like the Selay delegate..."
Picard: "Riker, with the "peace" delegates and all, I think I do need a rest. Take charge, Number One."