Episode Audio Clips


Below are high quality audio caps from this episode presented in mp3 format. Please let us know if we've missed a favorite quote of yours from this episode and we'll try and add it!  Many thanks to Matt Hosafros for these files!
Picard: "Captain's log, stardate 41723.9. In response to a Starfleet order we are in the Xendi Sabu star system having rendezvoused with a Ferengi vessel which has requested a meeting. Although we arrived here and made appropriate signals to the Ferengi three days ago, they have so far responded only with the message: 'Stand by, Enterprise.'"
Picard: "Yes Doctor, sit down. Erm, look - this perhaps maybe nothing, but I've been feeling a bit odd of late. Fatigued... and now I've got this damned headache."
Crusher: "A what!?"
Picard: "Headache... headache. Surely you know what a headache is."
: "Of course. But I don't often encounter them."
Picard: "The reason is obvious, of course. What are the Ferengi up to? Stand by, Enterprise. Stand by for what?"
Crusher: "I don't see a thing wrong."
Picard: "No, neither can I. Unless they're baiting some kind of trap."
Crusher: "With your head. I see nothing physically wrong, but I want to run some additional scans in Sickbay."
: "Dctor, all I've got is a..."
Crusher: "Is an order to report to sickbay. From the only person on board this ship who *can* give you an order."
Picard: "Open hailing frequencies."
Yar: "Frequencies open, sir."
Bok: "Might I introduce my first officer, Kazago, my second, Rata?"
Picard: "This is my first officer, Commander William Riker... Second in Command Data... Counselor Troi..."
Bok: "We have heard that you use females... clothed females. Most interesting."
Riker: "They are that, sir."
Kazago: "And the android was mentioned too. What is its price? We should like to purchase it."
Picard: "He is not for sale. Commander Data is...is..."
Riker: "Is second-hand merchandise. You wouldn't want him."
Data: "Second-hand, sir? Oh, of course! A human joke..."
Wesley: "Commander! You'll soon be getting an intruder alert!"
Riker: "What? Wesley, if you've something to report..."
Wesley: "If you'll scan heading four-four mark one-six-three, Lieutenant, you'll find..."
Yar: "Intruder alert, sir..."
LaForge: "I've got something, sir... "
Wesley: "It's an old style starship, Constellation Class, heading
this way under impulse power, sir."
Riker: "Says who?"
Picard: "Ensign, answer the First Officer's question."
Wesley: "Says the long distance sensors, sir. I was in Engineering, playing around with boosting sensor output."
Data: "Boosting it? How? (catches Picard's eye) We will discuss this later."
: "Reading it now, sir, as... a Constellation Class starship... heading this way under impulse power. Sending no call letters, sir."
Picard: "It's the Stargazer. That's my old ship, How... where did you find it?"
Bok: "It was a derelict, adrift in space on the far side of this star system. How it got there... is none of my business, Captain. But now that vessel is yours, if you wish to have it."
Kazago: "We are not selling it to him?"
Bok: "Consider it an act of friendship."
Rata: "At no cost!? Ugly. Very ugly!"
Picard: "Captain's Log, supplemental. Bok and his officers have returned to their vessel, inviting us now to officially take possession of the Stargazer."
Riker: "Your shields were failing, sir..."
Picard: "I improvised. With the enemy vessel coming in for the kill... I ordered a sensor bearing, and when it came into its return arc..."
Data: "... you performed what Starfleet textbooks now call "The Picard Maneuver.""
: "Well, I did what any good helmsman would have done. I
dropped into high warp, stopped right off the enemy vessel's bow and fired with everything I had."
Riker: "And blowing into maximum warp speed, you appeared for an instant to be in two places at once."
Picard: "And our attacker fired on the wrong one."
Riker: "I did what any good helmsman could have done. You did it first, sir."
: "It was a "save our skins" maneuver. We were finished, on fire. We had to abandon ship, and limp through space in shuttlecraft for weeks before we were picked up. I haven't thought about this for years..."
Data: "USS Stargazer. Constellation Class. Starfleet Registry NCC 2893"
Picard: (door chime) "Yes! Who the hell is it!?"
Voices: "... shields weakening, Captain! Torpedoes armed! Where are they? Oh my God, sir! Fire! Fire!!"