Episode Behind the Scenes


Larry Forrester (writer) originally intended there to be a lot more scenes aboard the Ferengi vessel to provide some background into the the Ferengi culture.
The Stargazer bridge was a re-dress of the movies Enterprise.
The Stargazer was originally intended to be Constitution class and it was recorded as such. However, it was later decided to make up a new class, but it had to sound like Constitution so that it could be successfully dubbed over LeVar Burton's lip movements, hence Constellation-class was born.
Frank Corsentino (DaiMon Bok) later went on to play two more Ferengi in Star Trek - DaiMon Tog in the third season episode "Ménage à Troi" and Gegis in Star Trek: Voyager's "Inside Man". Production staff were unable to track down Corsentino to reprise his role as DaiMon Bok in TNG's seventh season episode "Bloodlines" and the character was instead played by Lee Arenberg.

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