Episode Trivia


The Enterprise is ordered to meet with DaiMon Bok in the Xendi-Sabu star system.
The Battle of Maxia, between the USS Stargazer and the Ferengi Marauder commanded by Bok's son took place in the Maxia Zeta system.
The Ferengi's fondness for profit is first mentioned here - when DaiMon Bok hands over the Stargazer to Picard as a 'gift', it is termed 'very ugly' by Bok's crewmates.
Medical science has eliminated headaches and the common cold by the 24th Century. One shouldn't get a headache unless something is wrong.
The USS Stargazer is a Constellation-class ship, registry NCC-2893.
Picard was captain of the Stargazer nine years ago, and was forced to attack an unidentified ship when it opened fire. That ship turned out to be Ferengi.
Picard's weapons officer on the Stargazer was Vigo.

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