Episode Audio Clips


Below are high quality audio caps from this episode presented in mp3 format. Please let us know if we've missed a favorite quote of yours from this episode and we'll try and add it!  Many thanks to Matt Hosafros for these files!
Picard: "Captain's Log, stardate 41590.5. Having dropped off Counselor Troi at Starbase G6 for a shuttle visit home we were fortunately close to the Sigma Three solar system when its Federation colony transmitted an urgent call for medical help. An accidental explosion has devastated a mining operation there."
Q: "Humans. I thought by now that you would've scampered back to your own little star system."
Picard: "If this is Q I am addressing, we are on a mission of rescue to group of badly injured..."
Q: "We the Q have studies our recent contact with you and are impressed. We have much to discuss. Including perhaps the realisation of your most impossible dream."
Picard: "However intriguing that may be Q we are in the midst of
an urgent journey. Once that is completed then perhaps..."
Q: "You will abandon that mission, Captain. My business with you takes precedence. If my magnificence blinds you, then perhaps something more familiar."
(Flash, followed by the appearance of "Admiral" Q)

Q: "Starfleet Admiral Q at your service."
Picard: "Captain's Log, supplemental. Our rescue mission to the Sigma Three solar system has been halted by an immense grid and an untimely visit from Q."
Picard: "You're no Starfleet admiral Q."
Q: "Neither am I an Aldeberran serpent Captain, but you accepted me as such."
Riker: "Well he's got us there Captain."
Q: "Ahh, the redoubtable Commander Riker whom I noticed before. You seem to find this all very amusing."
Riker: "I might, if we weren't on our way to help some suffering and dying humans who..."
Q: "Your species is always suffering and dying."
Picard: "No Lieutenant Worf. You will make no move against him unless I order it."
Q: "Pity. Might have learned an interesting lesson, macro-head! With a micro-brain!"
Worf: "Arrrgggg....!"
Picard: "Captain's Log..."
Computer: "Captain's loooggggg..."
Picard: "Damn it, I can't even make a log entry."
Yar: "I wish i could help you Captain."
Picard: "Where is everyone else?"
Yar: "Down on some planet."
Picard: "Some planet? What are you doing here?"
Yar: "Well, I, err... It sounds strange, but I'm in a penalty box."
Picard: "A penalty box?"
Yar: "Q's penalty box. It sounds strange, but it definitely isn't. I know that one more penalty by anyone and I'm gone."
Picard: "Gone?"
Yar: "Yes! I am gone! It is so frustrating to be controlled like this!"
Picard: "Lieutenant. Tasha, it's all right."
Yar: "What the hell am I doing? Crying?"
Picard: "Don't worry. There's a new ship's standing order on the Bridge. When one is in the penalty box, tears are permitted."
Yar: "Captain. Oh, if you weren't a captain."
Q: "Consorting with lower ranked females Captain? Especially ones in penalty boxes, destructive to discipline they say but then again you're what, only human? Penalty over,"
(Complete Picard/Yar/Q scene)
Picard: "A marshall of France. Ridiculous!"
Q: "Well one takes the jobs he can get. For example star log entry. Stardate today, this is Q speaking for Captain Jean-Luc Picard who we consider to be too bound by Starfleet customs and traditions to be useful to us. The Enterprise is now helpless, stuck like an Earth insect in amber while its bridge crew plays out a game whose real intent is to test whether the first officer is worthy
of the greatest gift the Q can offer."
Picard: "So you're taking on Riker this time? Excellent. He'll defeat you just as I did."
Q: "Shall we wager in that Captain? Your starship command against...?"
Picard: "Against your keeping out of humanity's path for ever. Done?"
Q: "Done. You've already lost Picard. Riker will be offered something impossible to refuse."
Q: "You have only one chance to save them now. Send them back to the ship."
Riker: "You'll let me beam them?"
Q: "Send them the same way I do. I've given you the power. Do you understand I have given you the power of the Q. Use it."
Picard: "Captain's Log, stardate 41591.4. Twelve minutes out from quadrant Sigma Three where the survivors of an underground disaster desperately need our help. Aboard the Enterprise first officer William T. Riker needs help nearly as badly but this is a subject far out of my experience, out of any humans experience."
Picard: "How the hell do I advise you? You know the implications as well as I."
Riker: "no one has ever offered to turn me into a god before."
Picard: "What the Q has offered you has got to be close to immortality Will. They're not lying about controlling time and space, we've seen it in what they can do."
Riker: "You've also seen it in what I can do."
Picard: "If you are going to refuse his offer, you must not allow yourself to use this power again. It's too great a temptation for us at our present stage of development."
Riker: "Are you worried that I won't be able to say no to it?"
Picard: "You tell me. Are you strong enough to refuse to use that power."
Riker: "Certainly."
Picard: "No matter how tempted? No matter how difficult Q makes it for you?"
Riker: "You have my word."
Picard: "Good. I know what your word means."
Riker: "I should've never made that agreement with you. I could've saved that child."
Picard: "You were right not to try. Once you became accustomed to that power number one."
Riker: "When I used it before what happened? I save most of our bridge crew."
Picard: "And when you grow to like it too much?"
Riker: "As soon as it's convenient Captain, I want a meeting with you and your Bridge staff."
Picard: "As soon as we are secure of this rescue operation I will discuss all that this new power..."
Picard: "Perhaps they're all remembering that old saying 'power corrupts...'."
Riker: " '...And absolute power corrupts absolutely'."
Riker: "Data."
Data: "No. No, Sir."
Riker: "But its what you've always wanted Data. To become human."
Data: "Yes Sir, that is true but I never wanted to compound one illusion with another. It might be real to Q, perhaps even you Sir but it would never be so to me. Was it not one of the Captain's favourite authors who wrote 'this above all, to thy known self be true'. Sorry Commander, I must decline."
Worf: "No! She is from a world now alien to me."
LaForge: "Worf, is this your idea of sex?"
Worf: "This is sex! But I have no place for it in my life now."
Q: "No place micro-brain, what posses you?"
Riker: "How did you know Sir? I feel like such an idiot."
Picard: "Quite right, so you should. Its all over Q, you have no further business here."
Q: "Human you have just destroyed yourself."
Picard: "Pay off your wager."
Q: "I recall no wager!"
Picard: "I'm sure your fellow Q remember you agreed to never trouble our species again. Just as they're aware you failed to tempt a human to join you."
Q: "Noooooooooo...!"
Data: "Sir, how is it that the Q can handle time and space so well and us so badly?"
Picard: "Perhaps some day we will discover that space and time are simpler than the human equation. No co-ordinates laid in number one?"
Riker: "Yes Sir. You have my co-ordinates LaForge?"
LaForge: "Yes Sir, on the board."
Picard: "Engage."