Episode Audio Clips


Below are high quality audio caps from this episode presented in mp3 format. Please let us know if we've missed a favorite quote of yours from this episode and we'll try and add it!  Many thanks to Kyle C. Haight for these files!
Picard: "Captain’s Log, Stardate: 41309.5. We are in orbit around Persephone V where I have been sent to confer with Admiral Mark Jameson in regard to an extraordinary situation."
Karnas: "I am Karnas, governor of Mordan IV. A dissident terrorist group has taken Federation Ambassador Hawkins and his staff hostage. They will not discuss terms with me. This is a crisis I cannot resolve without assistance. The terrorists are demanding a Federation negotiator. I feel there is only one negotiator with the skills and understanding to resolve this situation. The hostages' lives will depend on Starfleet delivering this man to Mordan. Commander Mark Jameson--Admiral Jameson. The terrorists have given you six Earth days to bring him here -- or the hostages will die."
Crusher: "Captain, no one recovers from Iverson’s Disease. There is no known cure, there have been no cases where it has gone into remission. I have never heard of any therapy that would produce results like that!"
Picard: "Then how do you account for it?"
Crusher: "I can’t! All I can tell you is that the Admiral has been confined to his support chair for the last four years by the effects of Iverson’s. By all the medical facts we know, he should have never walked again!"
Anne Jameson: "You really are looking much better."
Jameson: "It's the new treatment."
Anne Jameson: "No…come here…"
Jameson: "I hope you’re heading for the bedroom! "
Anne Jameson: "You stop it! Darling, you look like you looked twenty years ago."
Jameson: "You flatter me."
Picard: "I couldn’t sleep either."
Jameson: "I never could before a mission; always wound up in the observation lounge staring out at the stars, thinking."
Jameson: "Do you know the background? The Mordanites had some sophistication, but were still ruled by family tribal units. Karnas's father was the ruling chief of one of the families, and another tribe had him assassinated. Karnas seized the passengers of a starliner and held them hostage, demanding that Starfleet provide him with weapons that would enable him to defeat his rivals."
Picard: "That’s the official record?"
Jameson: "Officially, the story is that after two other mediators were murdered, I went in and negotiated with Karnas to bring out the hostages safely."
Picard: "Are you saying that's not the truth?"
Jameson: "It wasn't my golden oratory that saved them, Captain. I gave Karnas the weapons he wanted."
Picard: "You did what?"
Jameson: "I gave exactly the same weapons to his rivals. My interpretation of the Prime Directive. Let them solve their problems with those arms on an equal basis."
Picard: "And that decision plunged them into forty years of civil war."
Jameson: "I didn't know that would happen. I thought a minor war.
It would be settled in less than a year. How would I know it would take four decades? But I falsified the reports to Starfleet, and I lived with that on my soul, Picard. Sixty-three people came away safe but millions died on Mordan because I delivered those weapons."
Picard: "Karnas could have worked for peace during those years instead of continuing the war. It's not all on your head, Admiral."
Jameson: "But I started it. I lit the match. Now finally I can
vindicate myself, if only in a small way. I came to negotiate, but that isn't what Karnas wants."
Picard: "Revenge. That's why he demanded you when he knew that you were still alive."
Jameson: "And I'm not going to give it to him, Picard. I'm going to do what I should have done the first time. We're taking the hostages out by force if necessary. No deals."
Picard: "Admiral, your proper place is on the bridge."
Jameson: "I will remind you one more time, Picard, I am the senior mission commander and I am leading this team."
Riker: "Sir?"
Picard: "The Admiral is correct, Number One, he has that right. But I am the captain of this ship and I have a right to accompany him. Riker, you’re in command of the Enterprise! Energize!"
Data: "Their phasers, sir, set on kill."
Picard: "Thank you, Mr. Data. I have heard the sound before."
Jameson: (screaming)
Picard: "Enterprise! This is Picard! Six to beam up, now!"
Karnas: "Enterprise, there has been an armed intrusion in the tunnels beneath the city and that smells of Jameson! Where is
Picard: "Karnas, this is Picard. I’m sorry to inform you the Admiral is critically ill."
Karnas: "That is not my concern! Sick or well, you have ten minutes to beam him down!"
Anne Jameson: "Mark, can you hear me?"
Jameson: "Yes…"
Anne Jameson: "I will always love you."
Jameson: "Annie…with the golden hair…"
Anne Jameson: "Flatterer…it’s grey now."
Jameson: "I see only the gold."
Picard: "…the hostages have been freed by Karnas, unharmed, and the body of Admiral Mark Jameson has been buried on Mordan at the request of his widow and by the permission of Karnas."