Episode Audio Clips


Below are high quality audio caps from this episode presented in mp3 format. Please let us know if we've missed a favorite quote of yours from this episode and we'll try and add it!  Many thanks to Kyle C. Haight for these files!
Riker: "First Officer's log, stardate 41997.7. We are about to make a brief but necessary contact with the Jarada, a reclusive insect-like race known for its idiosyncratic attitude toward protocol. The Jaradan demand a precise greeting, in this case from Captain Picard. Their language is most unusual, the slightest mispronunciation is regarded as an insult."
Picard: "Captain's personal log. I'm entering the ships holodeck where images of reality can be created by our computer. Highly useful in crew training, highly enjoyable when used for games and recreation."
Picard: "When I looked down into the street, I actually saw... Automobiles!"
Worf: "Automobiles?"
Picard: "Mmm-Hmm"
Data: "An ancient Earth device used primarily for transportation. Also seen as a source of status and virility. Often a prime ingredient in teenage mating rituals."
Wesley: "Teenage mating rituals?"
Picard: "From that window, I could see an entire, er..."
Data: "City block."
Picard: "That's right. Sounds, Smells."
Beverly: "You make it sound so real."
Picard: "That's how it felt."
Beverly: "Incredible." (she wipes the lipstick off his face)
Picard: "I'm going to go again, only this time I'm going to dress the part. Why not come with me?"
Beverly: "Yes, I'd like that."
Picard: "I want to take that twentieth century historian."
Beverly: "Who? Whalen?"
Picard: "Yes, Whalen. I bet he knows more about Dixon Hill than I do."
Data: "Shall I tell him, sir?"
Picard: "Invite him, Mister Data. This is supposed to be a recreational activity. The sense of reality was absolutely incredible. When that woman kissed me, it was so..."
Beverly: "Exciting?"
Picard: "Real!"
Picard: "Captain's log supplemental. The Jaradan rendezvous is still eleven hours away. I am about to re-enter the world of Dixon Hill. This time properly dressed. An experience like this is more enjoyable when shared so I've invited our fiction expert Whalen to accompany me. Doctor Crusher will join us shortly."
Data: "Hiya Doc! What's cooking?"
Beverly: "You know, I had some trouble getting through. Where's Captain Picard?"
Data: "He's on ice."
Beverly: "Pardon?"
Data: "He's being grilled."
Beverly: "What is he, a fish?"
Whalen: "He's being interrogated. They think he's committed a murder."
Beverly: "Why aren't we all being interrogated? Maybe I should go and help him."
Whalen: "Relax, relax Doctor. He's having the time of his life in there."
Riker: "Enterprise log, supplemental. First Officer reporting. Due to a breakdown in the Holodeck we are unable to contact the Captain."
Cyrus Redblock: "Another world, a whole new world to plunder. What is this? What are they doing? They can't do this to me, don't they know who I am? I'm Cyrus Redbock. CYRUS REDBLOCK!"
Picard: "This is Jean-Luc Picard, Captain of the Enterprise. Aaaaard... klaxon... Leeeeesss... bladgeblang... arghh... nichamich... Risssssss... Trassssss... Trasulah! Trasulah!"
Jaradan: "You have honored us with your words of greeting. A new day dawns between us."
LaForge: "Woooo!"
LaForge: "So Data, how was it?"
Data: "It was raining in the city by the bay, a hard rain. Hard enough to wash the slime..."
Picard: "Data!"
Data: "Sorry Sir."
Picard: "Lieutenant, take us out of orbit."
LaForge: "Aye, sir."
Picard: "And, Mister La Forge..."
LaForge: "Sir?"
Picard: "Step on it!"