Episode Audio Clips


Below are high quality audio caps from this episode presented in mp3 format. Please let us know if we've missed a favorite quote of yours from this episode and we'll try and add it!  Many thanks to Kyle C. Haight for these files!
Picard: "Captain's Log, Stardate 41242.4. Our last assignment has taken us into the remote Omicron Theta star system, home of our android crewmember Lieutenant Commander Data. Although we are due at our next assignment, I have decided to Data's home planet for a few hours in the hopes of unravelling some of the mystery of his beginnings."
Data: "Ahhh.... Ahhh... Ahhh..."
Wesley: "Data...?"
Data: "... Choo"
Wesley: "What are you doing?"
Data: "Sneezing."
Wesley: "Have you got a cold?"
Data: "A cold what?"
Wesley: "It's a disease my mom says people used to get."
Data: "Ah. But humans still sneeze for other reasons and I cannot seem to do it right."
Wesley: "How can you be practicing something like sneezing when we're arriving at your home planet for the first time? Aren't you interested in that?"
Data: "More than interested. Fascinated. One might say agog, but I also find sneezing interesting. Choo!"
Picard: "Mr. Data - Welcome home!"
Riker: "How many more Datas are there?"
LaForge: "Looks like just these two. Er, I mean that... and the real Data."
Data: "Commander, can this be another me? Or possibly my brother."
Riker: "I honestly don't know, Data."
Data: "He needs assembling."
Riker: "Data, we don't know that this can become alive."
Data: "It is very important for me to know that, sir. I never dreamed it was possible that I might find some link with a form like my own."
Riker: "Understood. We'll take it back to the ship with us."
Picard: "Captain's Log, Stardate 41242.45. Despite having only a few hours in which to explore Data's home planet we have discovered something which may explain Data's beginnings if we can properly assemble and communicate with what we've found."
LaForge: "And helm control is hear. With the ship's heading being given in measurements we call degrees. Three-hundred and sixty of them in a full circle this way."
Lore: "Then you say 'mark'."
LaForge: "On the nose."
Wesley: "Which separates it from another full three hundred and sixty degree circle this way on a right angle to this one."
Lore: "So by ordering a heading so many degrees this way and so many this way, the ship can travel in any direction. All three dimensions."
Riker: "And the square of the hypotenuse of a right triangle."
Lore: "...Is equal to the sum of the square of the other two... two... something. Which I once heard but never understood."
Picard: "Captain's Log, Stardate 41242.5. Thanks to Lore's report, we now know what happened to the colonists. Beginning with a child's drawing, enhanced by Lore's description, our computer has constructed an image of a great crystalline entity which feeds on life, insatiably ravenous for the life force found in living forms, capable of stripping all life from an entire world."
Lore: "Crystal form. I identify myself as Data. The humans here are powerful, capable of injuring or even destroying you."
LaForge: "Now I call that communicating."
Picard: "Shut up, Wesley!"
Crusher: "Shut up Wesley!"
Lore: "The troublesome little man-child. Are you prepared for the kind of death you've earned little man?"
Crusher: "If you take one more step towards my son..."
Lore: "Ahh, motherhood! Back off, or I'll turn your little man into a torch. I promise him exquisite pain unless you obey me too, brother."
Crusher: "Move away, Data. Please."
Lore: "Do you see now the advantages of being completely human? It includes kindness. I give you your life, Doctor. Go home. Quickly. And I may not injure your son at all."
Data: "I will stay with Wesley, Doctor."
Lore: "Go! Or he'll be shrieking by the count of five. One, two, three, four... Thank you for my human qualities Dr. Soong. Wait, a small payment for your son's misdeeds." (Phaser fire)
Picard: "Data, are you alright?"
Data: "Yes sir, I'm fine."
Picard: "Then get rid of that damned twitch, and put on the correct uniform!"
Data: "Yes Captain."
Picard: "Number one, have you ever considered whether Mr. Data is more human or less human than we want?"
Riker: "I only wish we were all as well balanced, sir."
Picard: "Agreed."