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Below are high quality audio caps from this episode presented in mp3 format. Please let us know if we've missed a favorite quote of yours from this episode and we'll try and add it!  Many thanks to Kyle C. Haight for these files!
Picard: "Captain's log stardate 41365.9. The Enterprise has been ordered to starbase 74 in orbit around Tarsis Three. A routine maintenance check of all systems will be made and certain upgrades completed including the holodeck of which we've had problems. I anticipate a glowing report, the ship has performed magnificently beyond anyone's expectations."
Riker: "What's a knock out like you doing in a computer generated gin-joint like this?"
Minuet: "Waiting for you."
Riker: "Waiting for me? You can't be serious."
Minuet: "Oh yes Will. I've never been more serious in my life."
Wesley: "What is that high-pitched sound you make?"
Zero One: "That is our..."
One Zero: "...primary language."
Wesley: "How can you process information at that speed?"
Zero One: "We store the information..."
One Zero: "...with these buffers."
Zero One: "We receive information..."
One Zero: "...all the time..."
Zero One: "...and save it..."
One Zero: "...until we need it."
Wesley: "How did you happen to develop this ability?"
One Zero: "It happened over..."
Zero One: "...a long period of time."
Riker: "Captain Picard this is Minuet. Minuet, Captain Jean-Luc Picard"
Minuet: "Enchante. Comme c'est merveilleux de vous voir ici."
Picard: "Incroyable! Vous etes Parisienne?"
Minuet: "Au fonde c'est vrai, nous sommes tous Parisienne."
Picard: "Oui, au fonde nous sommes tous Parisienne. The spirit of that city can always enchant my soul."
Data: "The field is deteriorating. Contact the Captain immediately, I am initiating red alert!"
LaForge: "Data, I can't maintain the integrity containment field."
Data: "Engineering to Captain? If the antimatter is released the ship will be destroyed."
LaForge: "Nothing I do is having any effect, I'm losing it. Data I've re-checked every circuit, this is not a misread by the computer."
Data: "Computer, situation analysis."
Computer: "Estimate release of antimatter in four minutes eighteen seconds. Seventeen seconds. Sixteen seconds."
Data: "Engineering to Bridge."
Wesley: "This is the bridge."
Data: "Alert starbase. Inform them we are abandoning the ship. Tell them why. Initiate automated sequence for departure. Set course and speed course and speed to put maximum distance between the Enterprise and any inhabited planets."
Wesley: "Shouldn't we wait for the Captain's approval?"
Data: "There is not time. Based on all information available the decision is correct."
Data: "This is Lieutenant Commander Data speaking for the Captain. Abandon ship! This is not a drill. All personnel, this is not a drill. I say again, abandon ship! This is not a drill. Abandon ship!"
Worf: "What's going on?"
Quinteros: "Please stand out of the way."
Dr. Crusher: "The Enterprise is being evacuated."
Worf: "Why?"
Dr. Crusher: "Some problem in engineering."
Yar: "Get a security team together."
Worf: "Aye, Lieutenant."
Data: "Ship's log, supplemental. This is Lieutenant Commander Data, I have put the sip on automated departure and ordered the complete evacuation of the Enterprise. Everyone remaining is leaving on foot or beaming off."
Data: "Computer, where are the Captain and Commander Riker?"
Computer: "All decks are empty."
Data: "Curious, the Captain is usually the last to leave."
LaForge: "Lets go, we've only got 41 seconds. I think we're the last."
Data: "I hope we are."
Picard: "Captain to Bridge, situation report?"
Riker: "Riker to Bridge?"
Picard: "Computer, explain red alert?"
Computer: "Initiated as a programmed response to the magnetic field containing the antimatter had weakened. There was no failsafe available."
Picard: "Why wasn't I notified?"
Computer: "Unknown."
Picard: "Present condition?"
Computer: "The magnetic field is now restored. Containment is restored. Propulsion is at maximum efficiency."
Picard: "Locate Lieutenant Commander Data."
Computer: "Not on board the Enterprise."
Picard: "Explain."
Computer: "All Enterprise personnel except the Captain and First Officer have been evacuated."
Picard: "Evacuated? Was the condition that critical?"
Computer: "Yes."
Riker: "Are we still docked at the starbase?"
Computer: "No."
Picard: "Position report."
Computer: "Co-ordinates four one five nine point two six by eight one nine two one by three one two. Heading two three three mark four five."
Picard: "Destination?"
Computer: "Planet Bynaus in the Beta Magellan system."
Riker: "The Bynars."
Picard: "Am I to understand the Bynars have stolen the Enterprise?"
Computer: "That information is not available."
Picard: "Captain's log, supplemental. We now know who has commandeered the Enterprise - the Bynars. We can't communicate with the bridge. Commander Riker and I will now try to regain control of our ship."
Picard: "This is the one decision involving the operation of this vessel which requires you and I to be in total agreement."
Riker: "It's the time allotted that concerns me."
Picard: "As to that there's no option."
Riker: "I know, its a 5 minute countdown."
Picard: "It's sufficient to get to the bridge... once there, either we'll get control of the ship and shut off the auto-destruct, or we won't. The important thing is that this ship does not fall into hostile hands."
Computer: "Recognize Picard, Jean-Luc, Captain. Recognize Riker, William T. Commander."
Picard: "Set auto destruct sequence."
Computer: "Does the first officer concur?"
Riker: "Yes, set auto destruct sequence now."
Computer: "Auto destruct will detonate in 4 minutes and 59 seconds."