Episode Audio Clips


Below are high quality audio caps from this episode presented in mp3 format. Please let us know if we've missed a favorite quote of yours from this episode and we'll try and add it!  Many thanks to Kyle C. Haight for these files!
Picard: "Captain's log, stardate 41416.2. We are orbiting Relva 7 where Wesley Crusher is about to be tested for entrance into Starfleet Academy. And to my great surprise I have just learned that my old friend Admiral Gregory Quinn in on Relva 7 and has requested to be beamed aboard the Enterprise immediately."
Remmick: "I want some answers from you right now Commander Riker."
Riker: "Later."
Remmick: "You are ordered to co-operate..."
Riker: "...not now! When it doesn't interfere with my duties Remmick."
Remmick: "There are several discrepancies in the Captain's log. Let's go over them one by one shall we?"
Riker: "The Captain's log?"
Remmick: "Yes. To the best of your knowledge has the Captian ever falsified a log?"
Riker: "Have you discussed this with him?"
Remmick: "Right now, I'm asking you."
Riker: "If you want to discuss anything about Captain Picard, you bring him in here and ask him face to face."
Remmick: "You are required to answer my questions Mister Riker, unless you're trying to cover something up?"
Remmick: "So you are saying that Captain Picard had no control over this vessel. He handed it over to Kosinski who took the entire crew to the edge of the universe."
LaForge: "No Sir, that's not what I'm saying. Kosinski was sent here by Starfleet to improve our warp drive system, Captain Picard was ordered to take him aboard."
Remmick: "According to his own logs his bridge crew didn't think
highly of Mr Kosinski's theories yet the Captain allowed him to access the engines anyway. Is that true LaForge?"
LaForge: "Not exactly Sir."
Remmick: "One way or the other, La Forge, Picard lost control of this ship. Is that true?"
LaForge: "Yes, but that's not how it happened."
Remmick: "So, the answer is yes."
Remmick: "Do you believe the Captain is emotionally and psychologically fit for command of this starship? There's nothing in his history or personality that would suggest mental lapses?"
Troi: "Nothing."
Remmick: "Not even the Ferengi incident aboard his old starship the Stargazer?"
Troi: "He was being controlled by a mind-altering machine Commander without his knowledge."
Remmick: "I would call that a mental lapse."
Rondon: "You. I have a package for Operations. Where is it?"
Wesley: "End of the corridor, room on your right. 104...(bumps into Rondon)...excuse me!"
Rondon: "You blocked my path! You Bulgallian sludge rat!"
Wesley: "I'm sorry, it was an honest mistake. I apologise."
Chang: "Is there a problem here, gentlemen?"
Wesley: "No, sir, I..."
Rondon: "How dare you! I am Rondon, you despicable Melanoid slimeworm! Liar!"
Wesley: "Who do you think you're bullying? You bumped into me. It was your mistake. You were at fault. Do you want this to become violent?"
Rondon: "Friend...I like you!"
Remmick: "You're and android, correct?"
Data: "Yes, Sir."
Remmick: "And as an android you are programmed to tell the entire truth?"
Data: "Yes, Sir."
Remmick: "There is a problem with this ship, Mister Data. It's in the records, somewhere. I need your help to find it."
Data: "All of the ship's records are available to you, sir."
Remmick: "This information is very cleverly hidden. Your Captain is not what he appears to be. Do not forget you have loyalty to Starfleet above all else."
Data: "Loyalty is not the issue, Commander. There is nothing wrong with Captain Picard or the ship's logs. Therefore there must be something wrong with your original assumption."
Remmick: "That is not acceptable, Mister Data."
Data: "Acceptable or not Sir, it is the truth."
Remmick: "Just how did this contaminant get aboard the ship?"
Worf: "By accident, Sir"
Remmick: "Meaning Captain Picard has no standing procedure for this type of situation?"
Worf: "No. Meaning by accident, Sir."
Remmick: "You don't like me very much, do you?"
Worf: "Is it required, Sir?"
Remmick: "How would you characterise your relationship with Captain Picard?"
Dr. Crusher: "We're Starfleet officers who have known each other for many years."
Remmick: "Everything said here is confidential Doctor. You can be completely open with me."
Dr. Crusher: "About what?"
Remmick: "About how you feel serving with a man who is responsible for the death of your husband."
Dr. Crusher: "My personal feelings about Captain Picard are irrelevant to this investigation... and none of you business!"
Remmick: "Yet you confirm the accuracy of the log report. You violated the prime directive of the Edo, you deliberately interfered with their laws."
Picard: "Yes. It is exactly as I explained it in the logged records."
Remmick: "All to save Dr. Crusher's son?"
Picard: "A member of my crew was being held unjustly, I stand by my decision. Mister Remmick, you have talked to every member of this ship. I think you've had enough time to find out whatever it is you're looking for."
Remmick: "Are you afraid if I keep looking that I'll find you're guilty?"
Picard: "The only thing I am guilty of is allowing this charade to go on so long."