Episode Audio Clips


Below are high quality audio caps from this episode presented in mp3 format. Please let us know if we've missed a favorite quote of yours from this episode and we'll try and add it!  Many thanks to Kyle C. Haight for these files!
Picard: "Captain's log, stardate: 41798.2. We have been ordered by Starfleet to proceed to the Lorenze cluster and investigate the disappearance of the light cruiser USS Drake, which was in that system trying to unravel a mystery of its own, which began when recent long-range probes indicated that all intelligent life from the planet Minos had disappeared."
Yar: "In every war, natural disaster, even the most virulent plague there are always survivors."
Minosian Peddler: "Whoever you are...whereever you're from, greetings! Welcome to Minos - 'The Arsenal of Freedom.'"
Picard: "I am Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the USS...
Minosian Peddler: "...if you need a little something 'special', be it for one target of multiple targets we got it! You'll see it here on Minos, where we live by the motto: 'peace through superior fire power'."
Picard: "To whom am I speaking?"
Minosian Peddler: "To be totally armed is to be totally secure. Remember, the early bird that hesitates gets wormed."
Data: "It is a recorded message, sir."
Minosian Peddler: "Minos, the arsenal of freedom. Perfection in highly advanced weaponry. Versatility."
Picard: "We must have triggered something left over from the Erselrope wars when the arms business was booming."
Minosian Peddler: "So lock on to my signal and beam on down, because we don't just provide weapons..."
Picard: "Shut that off."
Minosian Peddler: "We provide complete weapons systems."
Picard: "Captain's log, supplemental. I've ordered an away team to bean down to Minos to investigate the disappearance of the Drake. Although there are no signs of intelligent life coming from this heavily forested planet, I am far from certain that it is devoid of danger."
Rice: "Tell me about your ship, Riker. It's the Enterprise isn't it?"
Riker: "No, the name of my ship is the Lollipop."
Rice: "I have no knowledge of that ship."
Riker: "Its just been commissioned. It's a good ship."
Picard: "Captain's log, supplemental. Some kind of weapon, which for a time took the form of Captain Paul Rice, has enveloped Commander Riker."
La Forge: "Ship's log, supplemental. Lieutenant La Forge in command. I am unable to beam up the away team due to an unseen assailant attacking the ship. To make matters worse, Chief Engineer Logan is on his way to the bridge and he's not paying a courtesy call."
Logan: "Why are we still in orbit? We're taking a beating."
LaForge: "We've got to hold out as long as we can. Now, if we can disable our attacker, if only for a few seconds, we can drop our shields and beam the away team back aboard."
Logan: "If we follow that plan, we'll lose the Enterprise. In view of the present crisis, I believe you should relinquish command to me."
LaForge: "No."
Logan: "I outrank you."
LaForge: "Mister Logan, I'm in command."
Logan: "The Captain did not anticipate the Enterprise would come under attack. If he had, would he have left the Bridge to you?"
LaForge: "If he had, he wouldn't have left the ship!"
La Forge: "Ship's log, supplemental. Lieutenant La Forge in command of the star-drive section. After separating from the saucer, we have returned to Minos to rescue the away team. Unfortunately, I have only one option left and its a long shot."
Dr. Crusher: "Why don't you just shut it off?"
Picard: "Is that possible?"
Dr. Crusher: "Why not? Its a machine isn't it?!"
LaForge: "It's great to hear your voice, Captain. We're a little busy right now, I'll get right back to you."
Worf: "Phasers at full readiness."
LaForge: "Keep those shields at full power. Ahead one quarter. Heading 2-5 mark 3-0-0."
Solis: "Sir, that heading will take us further into the planet's atmosphere..."
LaForge: "That's correct. We're going to lose some maneuverability, so keep a firm hand on the helm."
Solis: "Aye, sir."
Worf: "You hope our attacker will follow us into the atmosphere."
LaForge: "I'm counting on it. Lian, scan for any air disruption or vortex. Cloak or no cloak, we'll spot it by its turbulence. Worf, how fast can you get a phaser lock?"
Worf: "Fast."
T'su: "Hull temperature one thousand degrees and rising."
LaForge: "Emergency power to deflectors."
Solis: "Velocity increasing."
LaForge: "Steady as she goes."
T'su: "Hull temperature twenty five hundred degrees."
Worf: "Deflectors nearing overload."
Solis: "Sir, helm growing unresponsive."
LaForge: "Can you compensate?"
Solis: "Yes, sir, I can."
T'su: "Hull three thousand degrees."
LaForge: "Maintain heading."
Worf: "We're about to lose number four deflector."
T'su: "Thirty three hundred degrees."
Worf: "Deflector four is now inoperative."
T'su: "Turbulence to starboard!"
LaForge: "There he is!"
T'su: "Scanners locked."
Worf: "Weapons locked."
LaForge: "Fire!"
Worf: "Got him!"
LaForge: "Shields down."
T'su: "Locked onto away team. Beaming them home now."
LaForge: "Come to four zero mark six five, ahead one third, and assume a standard orbit."
Solis: "Standard orbit. Aye, sir."
LaForge: "Relinquishing command, Captain."
Picard: "As you were, Lieutenant."
LaForge: "Sir?"
Picard: "Mr. La Forge, when I left this ship it was in one piece. I would appreciate you returning it to me in the same condition. Do you concur, Number One?"
Riker: "Absolutely, sir."
LaForge: "Lieutenant Solis, plot a course to rendezvous with the saucer section."
T'su: "Sickbay reports Doctor Crusher's going to be fine."
Solis: "Course plotted and laid in."
LaForge: "Engage."