Episode Audio Clips


Below are high quality audio caps from this episode presented in mp3 format. Please let us know if we've missed a favorite quote of yours from this episode and we'll try and add it!  Many thanks to Kyle C. Haight for these files!
Wesley: "Captain, deflectors are being hit by huge bursts of x-rays. Wow - look! Captain, my console seems to be overloading."
Worf: "The X-ray burst is disrupting systems, Captain. I'm adjusting deflectors to compensate."
Picard: "Unidentified freighter, this is the USS Enterprise. May we be of assistance?"
T'Jon: (a garbled response) "Whoever you are, YES! (garbled) .... having trouble navigating... (garbled) ... a steady course ... (garbled) ... please help us if you can."
Picard: "Can't you enhance the frequency?"
Yar: "Too much interference."
Picard: "Set a course to intercept with the freighter. Warp two."
LaForge: "Aye, sir."
Picard: "Maintain Yellow Alert."
T'Jon: "Can't control the helm anymore... (garbled) ... ship is losing orbit... (garbled) ... heading into atmosphere. Please, do something! We're gonna burn up!"
T'Jon: "I am T'Jon, Captain of the Sanction."
Picard: "At last. How can we help?"
T'Jon: "We've lost... I dunno... something... no longer able to maintain this orbit, nor am I able to use the main thrusters. It's all, you know... dead, I guess. It's all shut down."
Picard: "Well that is a little vague. What is the computer analysis?"
T'Jon: "Well our computer's not working very well."
Picard: "Data, can you tap into their computer and clarify the situation?"
Data: "I will attempt it, sir."
Yar: "Captain, the tractor beam is available, if you want it."
Riker: "At least we can pull them out of orbit before they enter the atmosphere."
Picard: "Freighter. we are going to lock on the tractor beam and pull you out of orbit."
T'Jon: "Hey -- that's great."
Picard: "We're beaming over a replacement coil."
T'Jon: "That's great... and that will fix us up?"
Picard: "Yes once it's installed."
T'Jon: "Right... And how do we do that?"
Picard: "What's the matter with these people? How can he be the captain of that vessel and not understand its simplest function? (beat) Captain -- how long have you been in command of the freighter?"
T'Jon: "Seven years. This is my twenty-sixth voyage to Brekka."
Picard: "And you don't know how to align a control coil?"
T'Jon: "It's never come up."
Sobi: "Commander, I request you transport my associate and myself down to Brekka, with our merchandise."
T'Jon: "Yes, get them out of here! But the barrel stays."
Langor: "There's no reasoning with you."
Sobi: "Langor, you expect too much from them. You always have and you've always been disappointed. You didn't pay for it, therefore it's not yours."
T'Jon: "Damn you, Sobi."
Yar: "Stop this! Now!"
Riker: "Security to Cargo Bay Eleven!"
Yar: "Behave yourselves, Gentlemen."
Beverly: "What are you going to do?"
Picard: "Based on what we know so far... there is nothing I can do."
Beverly: "You don't think drug addiction and exploitation is sufficient cause to do something?"
Picard: "This situation has existed for a very long time. These two societies are intertwined in a symbiotic relationship."
Beverly: "With one society profiting at the expense of the other."
Picard: "That's how you see it."
Beverly: "I can synthesize a non-addictive substitute which will ease their withdrawal symptoms."
Picard: "No. We can't do that either."
Beverly: "You can't let them have the Felicium."
Picard: "Why? Because it offends against our sensibilities? It is not our mission to impose Federation or Earth values on any others in the galaxy."
Wesley: "Data, I can understand how this could happen to the Ornarans... What I can't understand is why anyone would voluntarily become dependent upon a chemical."
Data: "Voluntary addiction to drugs is a recurrent theme in many cultures."
Yar: "Wesley, no one wants to become dependent. That happens later."
Wesley: "But it does happen. So why do people start?"
Yar: "On my home planet, there was so much poverty and violence. For some, the only escape was through drugs."
Wesley: "How can a chemical substance provide an escape?"
Yar: "It doesn't. But it makes you think it does. You have to understand -- drugs can make you feel good. They make you feel on top of the world. You're happy... Sure of yourself. In control."
Wesley: "But it is artificial."
Yar: "It doesn't feel artificial until the drug wears off. Then you pay the price. Before you know it, you're taking the drug not to feel good, but to keep from feeling bad."
Wesley: "And that's the trap."
Yar: "All you care about is getting your next dosage. Nothing else matters."
Wesley: "I guess I just don't understand."
Yar: "Wesley, I hope you never do."
T'Jon: "You will take us to our planet - leave us there with our medicine or this person dies. Don't you see I have no choice. We were sent to bring Felicium back. The suffering on my planet is too great. People are dying. It doesn't matter whether we are entitled to it or not. we must have it."
Picard: "Let him go."
T'Jon: "Take us there now -- or give us a shuttle -- but we must have the medicine... if you refuse, this person will die."
Picard: "I will not be coerced."
T'Jon: "I will do it. I will kill him."
Picard: "No, no you won't. You're not a killer."
T'Jon: "Captain, we appreciate your gift of the coils."
Romas: "Once our freighters are fixed, everything will be back to normal."
Picard: "No."
T'Jon: "No?"
Picard: "The coils stay here."
T'Jon: "What about our freighters?"
Picard: "If you want to repair them, you'll have to learn to do it yourselves."
T'Jon: "But we can't."
Romas: "If you don't help us, our ships will soon be inoperable."
Picard: "Quite possibly."
Sobi: "If you withhold those coils, you will be disrupting the stability of both our planets..."
Langor: "...and interfering with a trade arrangement that has lasted for generations! What of your Prime Directive?"
Picard: "In this situation, the Prime Directive prohibits me from helping you."
Sobi: "That's absurd!"
Picard: "You did not think so when it worked in your favor."
Romas: "Do you want our world to suffer?"
Picard: "Oh, no. I don't want that."
T'Jon: "Without the freighters, there will be no more shipments of Felicium. We will die."
Beverly: "You must trust yourselves. There are... other options."
Picard: "Beverly, the Prime Directive is not just a set of rules. It is a philosophy, and a very correct one. History has proved again and again that whenever mankind interferes with a less developed civilization, no matter how well intentioned that interference may be, the results are invariably disastrous."
Beverly: "It's hard to be philosophical when faced with suffering."
Picard: "Believe me Beverly, there was only one decision."
Beverly: "I just hope it was the right one."
Picard: "And we may never know."
Picard: "Mr. LaForge, take us out of orbit."
LaForge: "Destination, Sir?"
Picard: "I don't care. Let's just get some distance between us and this system."
LaForge: "Aye, Sir. Course 9-7-0 mark 3-1-8. Speed: Warp 3."
Riker: "Where will that take us Mr. LaForge?"
LaForge: "The Opperline system."
Riker: "An interesting choice. Why?"
LaForge: "Curiosity. We've never been there."
Picard: "Engage."