Episode Audio Clips


Below are high quality audio caps from this episode presented in mp3 format. Please let us know if we've missed a favorite quote of yours from this episode and we'll try and add it!  Many thanks to Kyle C. Haight for these files!
Riker: "First officer's log, stardate: 41775.5. We are en route to the ocean world of Pacifica. While our mission is scientific in nature, we look forward to the warm blue waters and fine beaches that make Pacifica a jewel of the galaxy."
Geordi: "So, the guy staggers to his feet and goes back to the girl, right? Well, she smiles, looks him straight in the eye and says 'Just try that in hyperspace!' Haha!"
Data: "I see. So, the difficulty in attaining such complex positioning in zero-gravity environment, coupled with the adverse affects it would have on the psychological well-being of the average human male is what makes this anecdote so amusing. Yes. Very humourous, indeed. Hysterical, in fact. Hahahahahaha...hahahahahahaha...hahahaha."
Worf: "Swimming is too much like...bathing."
Computer Voice: "This is an emergency communiqué. It is not to be discussed with fellow officers, unless deemed absolutely necessary. There will be no computer record of said transmission."
Picard: "Understood."
Computer Voice: "Proceed with voice-print identification."
Picard: "Picard, Jean-Luc. Captain, USS Enterprise."
Picard: "Walker!"
Keel: "Hello, Jean-Luc. It's been a long time."
Picard: "Too long, old friend. Why are you contacting me on this frequency?"
Keel: "It was a difficult decision, I felt it was worth the risk."
Picard: "Risk?"
Keel: "It's about Starfleet. About something we've always considered to be impossible."
Picard: "I don't understand."
Keel: "I can't explain it now. We need to talk, face to face."
Picard: "You're using a Code 47. I have to know what this is about."
Keel: "Not over subspace. No."
PIcard: "Oh, for God's sake, Walker. This is a secure channel!"
Keel: "No! I want you to meet me on Dytallix B."
Picard: "When?"
Keel: "Immediately."
Picard: "Not possible. We're expected at Pacifica."

Keel: "That can wait. You owe me...and you owe it to yourself to hear what I have to say. Something is beginning. Don't trust anyone! Remember that, Jean-Luc! Don't take anything for granted."
Picard: "Walker..."
Keel: "Dytallix B. We'll be waiting."
Keel: "Tell me, Jean-Luc, where did we first meet?"
: "Answer the question."
Picard: "Tau Ceti III. Was a bar, quite an exotic one, if I remember. What do I win?"
Keel: "Do you recall the night you introduced Jack Crusher to Beverly?"
Picard: "You know full well I hadn't met Beverly then, you introduced them."
Keel: "My brother introduced them."
Picard: "You don't have a brother! Two sisters: Anne and Melissa. What the hell is all this about?"
Rixx: "Apologies, Captain. We had to be sure you...were really you."
Picard: "Captain's personal log, stardate: 41776.1. The apparent death of Walker Keel has had a powerful impact on me. I now believe there may be a cancer growing within the ranks of Starfleet. As a result, I have alerted my executive officer to the suspicion voiced by Keel and the others."
Data: "Startling...quite extraordinary, in fact."
Computer Voice: "Direction unclear. Please restate a single request."
Data: "That was not a request. I was simply...talking to myself! A human idiosyncrasy triggered by a fascination with a particular set of facts, or sometimes brought about by senility, or used as a means of weighing information before reaching a conclusion, or as a--"
Computer Voice: "Thank you, sir. I comprehend. Please specify how you would like to proceed, sir."
Data: "Please continue with record search."
Riker: "Why hasn't anyone discovered this before?"
Data: "The orders were given with great subtlety. To use an aphorism, Starfleet's left hand didn't know what it's right hand was doing."
Riker: "Are you suggesting we warp over to Starfleet Headquarters and demand to know what's going on?"
Data: "Why not?"
Picard: "Captain's personal log, supplemental. While it is quite unusual for a starship to return to Earth, we seem to have been left with no other choice. I have apprised the remaining bridge crew of our situation."
Riker: "Ready for your tour, Admiral?"
Admiral Quinn: "Quite ready, Commander."
Riker: "What's in the case?"
Admiral Quinn: "Actually, I brought it for Dr. Crusher...but perhaps you would like to see it first?"
Riker: "What is it?"
Admiral Quinn: "A form of life. It was discovered accidentally by a survey team on an uncharted planet."
Riker: "Why haven't we heard anything about that?"
Admiral Quinn: "Oh, you'll be hearing about it shortly, but first, there remains much
scientific study to be done. After all, it is a superior form of life."
Riker: "Superior?"
Admiral Quinn: "Totally. Come, have a look."
Riker: "I think I'll summon my science officer."
Admiral Quinn: "It won't like your science officer. It does like you! Vitamins! They do wonders for the body!"
Admiral Quinn: "Now Klingon, it's between you and me."
Admiral Quinn: "Do Klingons fear death as much as humans? I could snap your neck in a second, but it wouldn't be as much fun."
Dr. Crusher: "Captain, you must set your phaser on kill. Stun has little effect."
Picard: "Doctor, one does not beam down to Starfleet Headquarters armed."
Admiral Aaron: "Oh, do eat up, Picard! Raise your hand if you want seconds!"
Admiral Aaron: "Picard and Riker control the Enterprise which means we control the Enterprise!"
Remmick: "You don't understand. We mean you no harm. We seek peaceful co-existence!"
Picard: "Captain's log, stardate: 41780.2. How difficult after all these years of learning to respect life to be forced to destroy it, but there seems to be no alternative. Admiral Quinn is expected to make a full recovery, there is no trace of the parasite which took control of him...we'll never know how many of these life forms infiltrated Starfleet, but it seems they could not survive without the mother creature which had taken over Commander Remmick."
Data: "Captain, I have attempted to trace the signal Remmick was sending. I believe it was aimed at an unexplored sector of our galaxy."
Geordi: "Any idea what the message was, Data?"
Data: "I believe it was a beacon."
Picard: "A beacon?"
Data: "Yes, sir. A homing beacon...sent from Earth."
(parasites' homing beacon echoes...)