Episode Quotes


Picard: "Counselor Deanna Troi is pregnant. She... she is going to have a baby."
Riker: "A baby? ... this is a surprise."
Troi: "More so for me."
Riker: "I don't mean to be indelicate, but who's the father?"
Pulaski: "Darta, look at this."
Data: "Data"
Pulaski: "What?"
Data: "My name, it is pronounced 'Data'."
Pulaski: "Oh?"
Data: "You called me Darta."
Pulaski: "What's the difference?"
Data: "One is my name, the other is not."
Picard: "Very good. Take a look at the containment module our new chief engineer has designed."
Riker: "Chief engineer, that has a nice ring to it"
Data: "Sickbay, this is the captain."
Sickbay: "Sickbay, aye."
Picard: "Is Doctor Pulaski there?"
Sickbay: "Ah... no, Sir. The doctor is in Ten-Forward."
Picard: "What?! A few hours on board and she's already found Ten-Forward."
Riker: "I'll go and get her."
Picard: "No, Number One. I'll go."
Worf: "Not the best way to meet your new captain"
[to Data when he offers to help during Troi's pregnancy]
Pulaski: "Counselor Troi is going to need the human touch, not the cold hand of technology."

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