Episode Trivia


The Enterprise is picking up plasma plague samples from the Federation Research Station on Audet IX. The plague samples have to be transported urgently to science station Tango Sierra in the hope of finding a cure for a deadly virus spreading through the densely populated Rochellis System.
Wesley can see the Lorenze Cluster and Epsilon Indi from Ten Forward.
First appearance of the Enterprise's new Chief Medical Officer Doctor Katherine "Kate" Pulaski, played by Diana Muldaur, who replaces Gates McFadden in the second season.
First appearance of El-Aurian bartender Guinan played by Oscar-winning actress Whoopi Goldberg.
First appearance of the new Ten Forward (located at Deck 10, Forward Station 1), and also the main Shuttlebay.
Geordi is promoted from his first season rank of Lieutenant (Junior Grade) to the rank of Chief Engineer as from this episode.
Worf has had a uniform change and is now "officially" the Enterprise's Chief of Security.
This episode marks the first appearance of Worf's silver baldric, which he would wear throughout the remainder of The Next Generation, throughout his four years on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and in all four of the TNG movies.
Riker has grown a beard since "The Neutral Zone". It stays with him all the way through to Star Trek: Insurrection where Troi helps him shave it off. The look doesn't last however, and we see him sporting it again in Star Trek: Nemesis.
Wesley's uniform has changed to the gray "acting ensign's" uniform, which he'll wear until the end of the third season episode "Ménage à Troi", after which he's promoted to full Ensign with a command uniform. In addition, this is the first episode where Wesley wears a communicator pin, even though he was made an acting ensign in Season 1.
Beverly Crusher has gone to take up a position at Starfleet Medical on Earth. Wesley was due to go and join her, but decides to stay on the Enterprise under the guidance of the senior staff.
Deanna names her new baby after her father, Ian Andrew.
Speculation is plentiful about the Enterprise's ten-forward hostess Guinan - Wesley has apparently heard that she is from Nova Kron, very old and that she knew Captain Picard on the Stargazer. She only denies the last statement.
The lifeform which impregnated Counselor Troi was comprised mostly of Eichner Radiation.

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