Episode Audio Clips


Below are high quality audio caps from this episode presented in mp3 format. Please let us know if we've missed a favorite quote of yours from this episode and we'll try and add it!  Many thanks to Kyle C. Haight for these files!
Picard: "Captain's log, stardate: 42779.1. We're en route to the Epsilon IX sector for an astronomical survey of a new pulsar cluster. In the meantime, Ensign Crusher will be diverting to Starbase 515 for Starfleet exams."
Data: "Do not be apprehensive, Wes. I found the Academy examinations quite elementary."
Wesley: "You would!"
Picard: "I will not have you telling me what course to set."
Dr. Pulaski: "As Chief Medical Officer, I am ordering you to report to Starbase 515 immediately."
Picard: "Oh, please! I feel fine!"
Dr. Pulaski: "The truth is you have ignored this far too long."
Picard: "This ship has a mission to carry out."
Dr. Pulaski: "An astronomical survey to be conducted by the
science officers, I believe."
Picard: "And I was looking forward to seeing the Epsilon pulsar cluster for myself."
Dr. Pulaski: "Then we'll perform the procedure right here."
Picard: "Absolutely not."
Dr. Pulaski: "My staff and I are fully capable of giving you the replacement."
Picard: "That's not the point. It would be...inappropriate for you to carry out the procedure."
Dr. Pulaski: "Captain Picard, I had no idea. You do have an ego, don't you?"
Riker: "I'm First Officer William Riker of the U.S.S. Enterprise, we're responding to your distress signal."
Gredneblog: "Uh-huh."
Riker: "What is your problem?"
Gredneblog: "We are far from home."
Riker: "Aren't we all? But, you sent out a mayday?"
Gredneblog: "Uh-huh."

Riker: "Do you need help?"
Gredneblog: "We are Pakleds. Our ship is the Mondor. It is broken. We are far from home. We need help."
Geordi: "Let me guess, their rubber band broke, right?"
Data: "Sensors indicate engineering problems. They're experiencing total guidance system failure with less than 24 hours reserve power."

Geordi: "Maybe I can help?"
Riker: "What brings you so far from home?"
Gredneblog: "We look for things."
Riker: "What were you looking for?"
Gredneblog: "Things we need."
Riker: "Can you be more specific?"
Gredneblog: "Things that make us go."
Troi: "He's in danger! Great danger!"
Riker: "Can you be more specific, Counselor?"
Troi: "It's not our help they want!"
Riker: "Well, our help is all they're going to get. They can't force us into anything, can they?"
Troi: "You think they're weak."
Riker: "Look at them, they're certainly not Jarada or Romulan..."
Data: "Our Betazoid counselor is often aware of things beyond our perceptive capabilities."
Picard: "I was a young Starfleet officer, not many years older than you are now, top of my Academy class, green as hell. And, oh, so cocky. Too cocky as it turned out."
Wesley: "What happened?"
: "Several friends and I were on leave at Farspace Starbase Earheart. It was little more than a galactic outpost in those days."
Wesley: "Was this before the Klingons joined the Federation?"

Picard: "That's right. Well, my mates and I were at the Bonestell Recreation Facility which was something of a dead rough cross-roads at the time filled with a sort of bunch of galactic riff-raff when a trio of Naussiacans came in. They were clearly spoiling for a confrontation with a group of fresh-faced Starfleet officers such as ourselves. Well, everyone in the group had the good sense to give these Naussicans a wide berth, stand-off, everyone, that is, except
me. I stood toe-to-toe with the worst of the three, and I told him what I thought of him, his pals, his planet, and I possibly made some passing reference to his questionable parentage. And the next thing I knew, all three of them were on me and  was fighting for my life. Was actually doing quite well for awhile, too."
Wesley: "You fought them? And won?"
Picard: "I had this one Naussican down in this...somewhat devious joint-lock when unbeknownst to me one on his chums drew his weapon and...impaled me through the back. Curious sensation actually. Not much pain. Shock certainly at the sight of a...serrated metal sticking through my chest. Certain giddy warmth. In fact I do...actually remember that I laughed out loud. Well, it had pierced my heart of course. But, if we'd not been so near to a medical facility, I would've surely have died."
Wesley: "Really? Then what happened?"
Picard: "Nothing.
I was no hero, Wesley. I was an undisciplined, loud-mouthed, opinionated young man who was way out of his league. Learned a very hard and painful lesson that day, but I learned it well. I hope you never have to learn it the same way.
Picard: "Did you read that book I gave you?"
Wesley: "Some of it."
Picard: "That's reassuring."
Wesley: "I just don't have much time."
Picard: "There's no greater challenge than the study of philosophy."
Wesley: "But, William James won't be on my Starfleet exams."

Picard: "The important things never will be. Anyone can be trained in the mechanics of piloting a starship."
Wesley: "But, Starfleet Academy--"
Picard: "It takes more. Open your mind to the past; art, history,  philosophy, and all this may mean something."
Picard: "Captain's personal log, stardate: 42779.5. We have arrived at Starbase 515. I'm still quite uneasy, despite assurances that this medical procedure poses little risk."
Wesley: "Sir?"
Picard: "Yes, what is it, Ensign?"
Wesley: "I enjoyed our trip together, sir."
Picard: "So did I."
Gredneblog: "Enterprise..."
Riker: "We demand that you return our crewmember, immediately!"
Gredneblog: "Request denied."
: "Lower your shields!"
Gredneblog: "Request denied."

(fires a phaser at Geordi)
Riker: "STOP IT! What do you want?"
Gredneblog: "You think we are not smart."
Riker: "I think you need to continue to develop."
Gredneblog: "We are smart."
Riker: "Prove it and return our man to us."
Gredneblog: "You want him?"
Riker: "Yes! Damn it..."
Gredneblog: "Good. We want all computer information from your ship." (all Pakleds aim their phasers at Geordi) "Now."
Riker: "We've got a man held hostage by alien forces and all I have are no option options. I need some input."
Dr. Pulaski: "Is Geordi all right?"
Worf: "He's already been hit by multiple phaser stuns."
Dr. Pulaski: "He could need medical attention."
Worf: "Security team stands ready to take the initiative, sir."
Riker: "Data?"
Data: "Our options have not changed. We can either respond to Pakled demand or not. We can either use force or not."
Riker: "Where did they get their shields?"
Gredneblog: "Yes, we like shields."
Geordi: "Well, from what I've seen, half the systems onboard the ship have been stolen from the Romulans, Klingons, Jarada, just about anyone they've come in contact with."
Gredneblog: "We like to be smart."
Riker: "Confirm, Lieutenant La Forge. They steal technology..."

Data: "...But they lack the ability to use it properly."
Riker: "You're an excellent Chief Engineer, Lieutenant La Forge."
Geordi: "Thank you, sir."
Riker: "And, of course, your knowledge of phaser and photon weaponry is unmatched."
Geordi: "That's nice of you to say, sir, but, it's really Lieutenant Worf that--"

Riker: "Our missions are always inherently dangerous and any of us could be called on to make the ultimate sacrifice at any time."
Geordi: "Well, yes, sir, but..."
Riker: "Speaking of time, this may be your time. I shall personally miss you."
Data: "Good-bye, Geordi. I shall miss you at weapons system analysis."

Geordi: "Uh-huh. Uh, and I guess you'll just have to arm your photon torpedoes without me."
Data: "As well as our hydrogen collectors. Fond farewell."
Gredneblog: "He knows about weapons."
Reginod: "You can make us strong!"
Geordi: "Well, it's not something I really like to talk about."
Worf: "Any classified weapons knowledge you share with your
captors will be considered treason."
Geordi: "But, I may have no choice!"
Worf: "You will die without honour!"
Geordi: "Thanks a lot, Worf."
Worf: "You will never reach the twenty-fourth level of awareness."
Geordi: "Twenty-four? That's quite a challenge."
Worf: "Indeed. Twenty-four is the gateway to heroic salvation."
Worf: "Bridge to Commander Riker."
Riker: "Go ahead, bridge."
Worf: "I am receiving an emergency summons from Starbase 515; Captain Picard is close to death."
Reginod: "We are strong!"
Geordi: "You're armed to the teeth!"
Gredneblog: "Teeth are for chewing."
Geordi: "You have photon torpedoes. You are strong!"
Gredneblog: "We are strong! We have power!"

Reginod: "We have fired! They will be destroyed!"
Geordi: "They used their crimson force-field!"
Gredneblog: "It did not shoot!"
Geordi: "No, the crimson force-field has disarmed us."
Reginod: "They are smart."
Gredneblog: "We are not strong."
Picard: "What the hell are you doing here?"
Dr. Pulaski: "Saving your life."
Picard: "Oh, come on! This is a routine procedure, quite commonplace!"
Dr. Pulaski: "True. But, you are not a commonplace man. You'll be out of recovery in four hours."
Picard: "I didn't want you involved in this."
Dr. Pulaski: "You're welcome."
Picard: "If you're here, then the entire crew must know."
Dr. Pulaski: "You're still the captain; invincible!"
Picard: "Heh. Thank you."