Episode Audio Clips


Below are high quality audio caps from this episode presented in mp3 format. Please let us know if we've missed a favorite quote of yours from this episode and we'll try and add it!  Many thanks to Kyle C. Haight for these files!
theenemy029.jpgPicard: "Captain's log, Stardate 43349.2. An unidentified distress signal has led to the discovery of a crashed Romulan vessel on the surface of Galorndon Core, a Federation planet. We have recovered one survivor, but Lieutenant Commander La Forge did not report back with the away team and is still missing."
theenemy052.jpgRiker: "You are on board the Federation Starship Enterprise. We're treating your injuries. How long were you down on Galorndon Core? Do you understand me?"
Patahk: "I will not answer questions."
Riker: "We need to know if there are other survivors on the surface."
Patahk: "I am alone. I will not answer any questions."
Riker: "Do you have a mother ship who should be advised of your condition?"
theenemy067.jpgTomalak (On viewscreen): "Tomalak to Pi. We have received your distress signal. Respond. If you can hear me, we are entering the Neutral Zone now. We will reach you in six hours."
theenemy111.jpgGeordi: "My shoes are getting full of sand. I just hate that, don't you?"
"Name and rank."
"Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge. I don't think I got yours?"
"A Romulan ship will arrive shortly. You will accompany me on board."
theenemy112.jpgGeordi: "I don't think so. You see, we heard your message too and well, the fleet's in, Commodore. Sky's full of Federation ships."
"You're lying."
"I never lie when I've got sand in my shoes, Commodore."
theenemy120.jpgGeordi: "Welcome to Galorndon Core, where no good deed goes unpunished."
theenemy125.jpgWorf: "Yes, Doctor?"
Crusher: "Lieutenant, good. Come in. Please sit down. We have finally found a compatible ribosome match for the Romulan. But only one. You."
Worf: "That is impossible. I am a Klingon."
Crusher: "Different species, yes. But many humanoids have comparable cell structures. And you have what this Romulan theenemy130.jpgneeds. There's absolutely no risk to you. You did understand that was the purpose of all the testing?"
Worf: "I have no objection to tests."
Crusher: "You have an objection to being a donor?"
Worf: "Yes."
Crusher: "Lieutenant, I understand your feelings about the Romulans, but this is not the time or place."
theenemy131.jpgWorf: "If you had seen them kill your parents, you would understand, Doctor, it is always the time and place for those feelings."
Crusher: "This Romulan didn't murder your parents. And you are the only one who can save his life."
Worf: "Then he will die."
theenemy139.jpgGeordi: "It translates a wide range of radiation into neural impulses. Allows me to see."
Bochra: "Without it, you're blind?"
Geordi: "Yes."
Bochra: "How did this happen?"
Geordi: "I was born that way."
Bochra: "And your parents let you live?"
Geordi: "What kind of question is that? Of course they let me live."
Bochra: "No wonder your race is weak. You waste time and resources on defective children."
theenemy151.jpgTomalak (On viewscreen): "Picard, I'm approaching the Federation border and the Enterprise is not to be found. Why?"
Picard: "My away team is unable to leave the surface because of the storms."
Tomalak (On viewscreen): "And my officer?"
Picard: "He is alive."
Tomalak (On viewscreen): "His life remains in jeopardy?"
theenemy152.jpgPicard: "Yes."
Tomalak (On viewscreen): "And yet you will still not permit me to cross into your precious Federation space to retrieve him?"
Picard: "If the point hasn't been made clearly, Commander, let me make it again. Romulan warships do not enter Federation space unless they are prepared to do battle."
Tomalak (On viewscreen): "But a mission of mercy?"
theenemy155.jpgPicard: "A mission to recover one of your officers who has been caught on a Federation planet for reasons as yet unknown."
Tomalak (On viewscreen): "I have already explained."
Picard: "And I have rejected your explanation."
Tomalak (On viewscreen): "Territories! You would measure territories against a man's life?
Picard: "Commander, I am singularly impressed by your concern for a life. Do not risk any more lives by leaving the Neutral Zone. Picard out."
theenemy161.jpgGeordi: "Bochra, you're in bad shape and my vision's getting worse. Now there's a beacon out there that'll get us back to my ship, but not if I can't find it."
Bochra: "I cannot surrender to the Federation."
Geordi: "Then stay here and die."
Bochra: "If the situation were reversed would you not die to avoid capture?"
theenemy163.jpgGeordi: "I don't know. I might, if I thought it was necessary. If the stakes were high enough. But they'd have to be pretty damn high. I guess I'd make a pretty lousy Romulan, huh?"
Bochra: "I no more wish to die than you do."
Geordi: "Bochra, there are times when it is necessary to die for one's ideals. Do you believe this is one of those times?"
theenemy185.jpgPatahk: "Come close to me, Klingon. Let me die with my hands at your throat."
Worf: "There is a substance within my cells which you need to survive."
Patahk: "Then you've come to hear me beg for my life?"
Worf: "No."
Patahk: "I would rather die than pollute my body with Klingon filth!"
theenemy190.jpgBochra: "You cannot do it?"
Geordi: "Under normal circumstances, maybe. Here, no way."
Bochra: "Why?"
Geordi: "Because I can't see. Adapting the neural output pods of the Visor is tricky work. It can't be done by touch."
Bochra: "Then I will be your eyes."
theenemy194.jpgPicard: "Assemble an away team."
Riker: "Yes, sir."
Worf: "Captain, the Romulan warship has crossed the Neutral Zone border. It is in Federation space and heading toward us.
Picard: Belay that order, Number One. Red alert."
theenemy195.jpgBochra: "Bearing three five zero."
Geordi: "We did it! The first Federation-Romulan co-venture."
Bochra: "The storm may be breaking."
Geordi: "With any luck, there'll be an electromagnetic window opening up and we can get out of here."
Bochra: "At which point, I'll be your prisoner."
Geordi: "Can you walk?"
theenemy197.jpgBochra: "I don't know."
Geordi: "Let's find out. Come on. (he hauls Bochra up) Okay, let's go."
Bochra: "Straight ahead."
Geordi: "Okay."
theenemy201.jpgWorf: "You wished to see me, Captain."
Picard: "Yes, Lieutenant. I assume you know what it's about."
Worf: "Yes."
Picard: "The Romulan ship will reach us within the hour. If our patient dies it may be just the excuse the Romulan commander needs to start an incident. The death of a Romulan officer at the hands of the Federation. Think of it."
theenemy203.jpgWorf: "I have, Captain."
Picard: "So, there is no question that the Romulan officer is more valuable to us alive than dead."
Worf: "I understand."
Picard: "Lieutenant, sometimes the moral obligations of command are less than clear. I have to weigh the good of the many against the needs of the individual, and try to balance them as realistically theenemy208.jpgas possible. God knows, I don't always succeed."
Worf: "I have not had cause to complain, Captain."
Picard: "Oh, Lieutenant, you wouldn't complain even if you had cause."
Worf: "If you order me to agree to the transfusion, I will obey, of course."
Picard: "I don't want to order you. But I ask you. I beg you to theenemy210.jpgvolunteer."
Worf: "I cannot."
Picard: "Lieutenant."
Worf: "Sir?"
Picard: "That will be all."
(Worf leaves)
Picard: "Picard to Doctor Crusher."
theenemy211.jpgCrusher (Over Comm): "Go ahead."
Picard: "Do not continue to enlist the cooperation of Lieutenant Worf."
Crusher (Over Comm): "I won't have to, Captain. The Romulan has died."
theenemy221.jpgTomalak (On Viewscreen): "You have one chance to escape destruction, Picard. Return my officer at once."
Picard: "Commander, you have entered Federation space despite my warning."
Tomalak (On Viewscreen): "You forced the situation. I will not leave without him."
Picard: "He's dead."
Tomalak (On Viewscreen): "Then he is but the first to fall, Picard."
(Transmission ends)
theenemy236.jpgPicard: "Commander Tomalak. It would appear our away team has rescued a second man from your one man ship. We're preparing to beam them to the Enterprise. After which, of course, we will return the survivor to you."
Worf: "No acknowledgement, sir."
Picard: "Commander, both our ships are ready to fight. We have two extremely powerful and destructive arsenals at our command. theenemy239.jpgOur next actions will have serious repercussions. We have good reason to mistrust one another, but we have better reasons to set our differences aside. Now, of course, the question is, who will take the initiative? Who will make the first gesture of trust? The answer is, I will. I must lower our shields to beam these men up from the planet surface. Once the shields are down, you will of course have the opportunity to fire on us. If you do, you will destroy theenemy240.jpgnot only the Enterprise and its crew, but the cease-fire that the Romulans and the Federation now enjoy. Lieutenant, lower the shields. Leave the hailing frequency open."
Worf: "Yes, sir. Shields down."
Picard: "Mister O'Brien, transport Mister La Forge and the Romulan directly to the Bridge."
O'Brien (Over Comm): "Aye, sir. Energising."
theenemy245.jpg(Geordi and Bochra appear in front of the viewscreen)
Worf: "Security team to the Bridge."
Picard: "Belay that order, Lieutenant. Shields up. No one is going to harm you."
Geordi: "You have my word on that."
Picard: "Well, Commander?"
Tomalak (On Viewscreen): "If he has been theenemy247.jpgin any way mistreated."
Bochra: "I have given them no information, Commander, but I have not been mistreated. In fact, this human saved my life."
Picard: "Tomalak, how is it possible you didn't know of the second Romulan on Galorndon Core?"
Tomalak (On Viewscreen): "A simple misunderstanding, Captain Picard. I was obviously misinformed as to the size of the craft. I theenemy249.jpgassure you I intended no deception."
Picard: "Of course not."
Tomalak (On Viewscreen): "You doubt my good faith?"
Picard: "Let's just say my faith would be strengthened by a gesture from you, such as powering down your disruptors."
Worf: "Disruptors powering down."
Picard: "Thank you. Cancel Red alert, Lieutenant. Commander, theenemy256.jpgwe shall return your officer and escort your ship to the Neutral Zone."
Tomalak (On Viewscreen): "That is acceptable."
(Transmission ends)