Episode Guest Characters


PLAYED BY: Tony Todd
Klingon Male

The younger brother of Worf. Kurn was born barely a year before their parents were killed amid the Khitomer massacre in 2344. Kurn served as an exchange officer on the Enterprise in 2366 and stood as Worf's cha'Dich to argue the false treachery pinned on their father Mogh.


PLAYED BY: Charles Cooper
SPECIES: Klingon Male

Leader of the Klingon high council in 2366. K'Mpec was responsible for the discommendation of the house of Mogh when Worf stood in the great hall to clear his father's name of treason at Khitomer.


PLAYED BY: Patrick Massett
SPECIES: Klingon Male

Member of the Klingon High Council and of the notorious Duras House. In 2366 Duras concealed evidence which implicated his father Ja'rod as the Klingon who committed treason during the Khitomer Massacre. K'mpec went along with the concealment.


PLAYED BY: Thelma Lee
SPECIES: Klingon Female

Kahlest was Worf's nursemaid when he was young. Kahlest was an eyewitness to the events of the Khitomer Massacre and came to give testimony when Worf's family honor was at stake in 2366. Leader K'mpec was attracted to Kahlest.