Episode Quotes


Riker: "One does not patronize a Klingon warrior."
Riker: "This is not a Klingon ship, sir."
Kurn: "No, Commander, it is not. If it were a Klingon ship, I would have killed you for offering your suggestion."
Troi: "Are you adjusting to your new environment, Commander?"
Kurn: "I find the constraints a bit difficult to conform to. Just a short while ago I had to stop myself from killing Commander Riker."
Geordi: "No offense, sir."
Kurn: "None taken. I never killed anyone at the supper table, Mister LaForge."
Worf: "I am a Klingon. If you doubt it, a demonstration can be arranged."
Kurn: "That is the response of a Klingon. The response I would expect ... from my older brother."
Worf: "On this ship, you are my commander and I obey. In Council Chambers, you are my cha'DIch. You do not insist, you obey."
Duras: "You claim a birthright you have forsaken?"
Worf: "I have not forsaken my heritage. I am Klingon. My heart is of this world. My blood is as yours."
Worf: "It is a good day to die, Duras, and the day is not yet over."
Duras: "This is not your world, human. You do not command here."
Picard: "I'm not here to command."
Duras: "Then you must be ready to fight ... something Starfleet does not teach you!"
Picard: "You may test that assumption at your convenience."
Worf: "It is too dangerous, you must not go alone."
Picard: "Hey, I'm your cha'DIch."
K'mpec: "It is good to see you again."
Kahlest: "You are still fat, K'mpec."
Picard: [to Kurn] "There will be another day, Commander. Do not forget what he does here today. Do not let your children forget."

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