Episode Trivia


Kurn is Worf's younger brother. He was one year old when his parents went to Khitomer and was left with a family friend, Lorgh. Kurn was raised by Lorgh's son and only became aware of his true blood line at his Age of Ascension.
4000 Klingons died at Khitomer.
Riker's officer exchange to the Klingon Cruiser Pagh are mentioned (see "A Matter of Honor").
Picard is fond of caviar.
cha'Dich means "defender" or "second during trial/combat" in Klingon.
Mek'ba is the part of a Klingon trial in which evidence is heard.
Kut'luch is a ceremonial weapon of an assassin.
ghojmoK is a Klingon nurse.
Picard is reasonably fluent in Klingon.
Duras' father, Ja'rod was the one who was responsible for the treachery at Khitomer.
"jIlajneS ghIj qet jaghmeyjaj" translates as "I accept, may your enemies run in fear."
First look at the Klingon Homeworld "Qo'noS", and it's first city.
This episode is set 20 years after the Khitomer Massacre.

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