Episode Quotes


Wesley: "This is called a banana split. It's quite possibly one of the greatest things in the universe."
Data: "I fail to understand why this is amusing."
Riker: "Access your databanks under humor, subheading slapstick."
Data: "Comedy stressing farce and horseplay. Ah, this no doubt is a variation on pie in the face."
Riker: "Now do you see what's funny?"
Data: "No, sir, but I will take your word for it. This is very amusing."
Troi: "Strange, isn't it? You'll travel light years, dodge asteroid storms, brave hostile aliens...
but when asked to assume a parental role, you cringe. Why do you suppose that is?"
: "I'm not cringing, I'm just acknowledging my limitations."
Troi: [to Picard] "If he is to find his humanity, you are the only one who can help."

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