Episode Trivia


The Enterprise is travelling through Sector 21947.
Endar claims to have lost his son on Castal I. Apparently there was a dangerous conflict over the ownership of the planet.
The Talarian cruiser Q'Maire was halfway through the Woden sector when it responded to the distress call.
The Talarians are a war-like race with a seemingly patriarchal society. They were involved in the Galen Border Crisis with the Federation, and routinely abandoned their observation craft, rigging them to self destruct when enemies boarded. The Federation experienced 219 fatalities due to this tactic in just three days.
B'Nar is a type of mourning for the Talarians and constitutes a continuous high pitched whining.
The T'stayan is a six hooved Talarian beast which can be ridden.
When a Talarian reaches the age of 14, it is considered the "Age of Decision".
Alba Ra is a contemporary Talarian musical form.
Picard is skilled at racquetball.
Jono was born on Galen IV during the Galen Border Crisis and is the grandson of Starfleet Admiral Connaught Rossa. His parents were killed when the Talarians invaded.
Commander Riker knew Jono's uncle who was killed at the Kratner Outpost.
"Stockholm Syndrome" was identifies "centuries ago" and describes a hijacking/abuse theory.
Talarian warships have an armament of neutrino particle weapons, high energy x-ray lasers and Merculite rockets all of which are no match for the Enterprise's defenses.
Banana Splits are still appreciated in the 24th Century.

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