Episode Quotes


Data: "One Seven Three Four Six Seven Three Two One Four Seven Six Charlie Three Two Seven Eight Nine Seven Seven Seven Six Four Three Tango Seven Three Two Victor Seven Three One One Seven Eight Eight Eight Seven Three Two Four Seven Six Seven Eight Nine Seven Six Four Three Seven Six LOCK."
Data: "I am not less perfect than Lore?"
Lore: "Often-Wrong's got a broken heart ... can't even tell his boys apart."
Data: "You know that I cannot grieve for you, sir."
Soong: "You will .. in your own way."
Beverly: "They're brothers, Data. Brothers forgive."
Riker: "The only way we knew we'd come out of warp was by looking out a window."
Lore: "You didn't fill Data with substandard parts! That honor was bestowed upon me, remember? You owe me, old man. Not him, me!"

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