Episode Quotes


Sergey Rozhenko: [to O'Brien] "Don't call me 'sir'. I used to work for a living."
Rene: "You are my nephew, Jean-Luc, from the starship Enterprise."
Picard: "Then you must be my uncle Rene."
Rene: "I am not your uncle, it's the otherway around."
Picard: "Too bad, I rather enjoyed the idea."
Picard: "They took everything I was! They used me to kill ... and to destroy ... and I couldn't stop them! I should've been able to stop them. *I tried so hard!*"
Rene: "What does it mean anyway -- "arrogant son-of-a... " "
Picard: "Let's talk about it later, shall we?"
Picard: "You were a bully..."
Robert: "It was such a pleasure to bully you..."
Robert: "Why did you come back Jean-Luc? Because you wanted me to look after you again?"
Louis: "You always reach for the future, your brother for the past."
Picard: "There should be room for both in this life."

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