Episode Trivia


The McKinley Space Station orbits Earth.
Picard was born and raise in LaBarre, France.
The Enterprise utilizes a theta-matrix compositor which makes the dilithium recrystallization process ten times more efficient than Excelsior-class ships.
This episode indicates that Jack Crusher died when Wesley was just an infant. Jack's middle initial is given as "R".
This episode ties in heavily with the events of "Sins of the Father" and "The Best of Both Worlds".
Picard was a schoolboy prodigy and a superb athlete.
Picard's childhood friend Louis is supervisor of the Atlantis Project. The project is attempting to create a subaquatic continent.
Robert gives Picard a bottle of wine vintage 47 which he advises him not to drink alone. He obviously takes the advice - see "First Contact".
Picard mentions that harmonic resonators were used to relieve the tectonic pressures on Drema IV (see "Pen Pals").
O'Brien's Christian names are finally given as Miles Edward. The last time his father visited, Miles found him chasing Nurse Stanton around a bio-bed in Sickbay.
Sergey Rozhenko was chief petty officer aboard the Excelsior-Class U.S.S. Intrepid and is a warp-field specialist.
Helena Rozhenko says Worf would never touch human food, and she learned to cook rokeg blood pie (see "A Matter of Honor").
Will and Deanna are considering "going back" to Angel Falls in Venezuela on Shore Leave.
Jack proposed to Beverly by sending her a book entitled "How to Advance Your Career Through Marriage".

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