Episode Quotes


Troi: [about Data and Riker] "You two have successfully divided the evening between you."
: "I suspect conspiracy... but far be it from me to accuse my superior officers."
Ishara: [on Yar] "Did she talk at all about the colony?"
Data: "Only to say that she was lucky to escape."
Ishara: "It wasn't luck, it was cowardice."
Data: "Cowardice is a term I have never heard applied to Tasha."
Ishara: "I don't want to kill you, Data ... but I will."
Riker: "In all trust there is the possibility of betrayal. I'm not sure you were prepared for that."
Data: "Were you prepared, sir?"
Riker: "I don't think anybody ever is."
Data: "Then it is better not to trust."
Riker: "Without trust, there's no friendship, no closeness, none of the emotional bonds that make us who we are."
Data: "And yet you put yourself at risk."
Riker: "Every single time."
Hayne: "There's an old saying, Captain. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." I've decided it's in my best interest to help you get your men back."
Picard: [to Ishara] "I'm sorry you never knew the woman Tasha became. I think you might have been proud of her."

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