Episode Trivia


Turkana IV is an Earth-colony torn apart by a thirty-year long civil war. The planet severed all communications with the Federation nearly 15 years ago and is divided into two factions - the Alliance and the Coalition.
Camus II is the site of an archaeological dig.
Ishara Yar was Tasha's younger sister. Their parents were killed just after Ishara was born. Tasha blamed the factions for her parents' death, but Ishara rebelled and joined the Coalition.
Turkana is a highly dangerous place, with the likes of rape gangs plaguing the planet. (see "The Naked Now")
Riker feels guilty about Tasha's death under his command. Data says Tasha was especially close to Riker, Worf and himself.
The first time Picard saw Tasha, she was making her way through a Carnellian minefield to help and injured colonist. Both her ship and Picard's had answered the distress call.
When Picard took command of the Enterprise, he requested Tasha's transfer from her captain who "owed him a favour".
The Federation freighter Arcos assumed an emergency orbit around Turkana IV. Their engineer is Tan Tsu. The ship was destroyed by a warp core breach and an escape pod was launched.
The U.S.S. Potemkin was the last Federation vessel to visit Turkana IV six years ago. They were warned anyone transporting to the planet would be killed.
Worf has seen proximity detectors used on Manu III.
Telluridan synthale is a drink native to Turkana IV.

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