Episode Behind the Scenes


In an earlier draft of this episode, K'Ehleyr was having a relationship with Duras behind Worf's back.
This was Brannon Braga's first TNG writing credit. He arrived with a strong production background from Kent State and the University of California, having produced music videos.
Dan Curry, normally the visual effects supervisor, drew on his martial arts background to design Worf's bat'leth weapon and helped Michael Dorn develop the correct movements while wielding it.
First appearance of Robert O'Reilly as Gowron. He previously played the hoodlum Scarface in "Manhunt".
Michael Rider (Security Guard) was the main transporter chief in earlier episodes.
The Sonchi Pain Sticks are ceremonial redresses of the ones used on Worf in "The Icarus Factor".
Up to this episode, budget constraints had forced TNG to use the movie-era Klingon ship footage, but with the new look Vor'cha class finally debuted here.

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