Episode Quotes


Worf: "My dishonor among Klingons may offend Ambassador K'Ehleyr."
Picard: "Lieutenant, you are a member of this crew and you will not go into hiding whenever a Klingon vessel uncloaks."
Worf: "I withdraw my request, sir."
K'Ehleyr: [to Worf] "Not even a bite on the cheek for old times' sake?"
Duras: "One hour! What is the delay?"
Picard: "There is no delay. It is the time I have chosen."
K'Ehleyr: "Is that it? Just official concern for my well-being."
Worf: "You know my feelings."
K'Ehleyr: "Maybe I've forgotten."
Worf: "What did your investigations reveal about the explosion ?"
Duras: "It was a bomb."
Worf: "And was your analysis just as insightful ?"
Gowron: "It was a common explosive."
K'Ehleyr: "What shall I tell Alexander, that he has no father?"
K'Mpec: "'All for the glory of the Klingon Empire'...that should be my epitaph."
K'Ehleyr: "Don't play the wounded Klingon to me, Duras. You don't do it very well."
Duras: "What is *that* doing here?"
Guard: "He has claimed the right of vengeance."
Duras: "You have no *rights* here, traitor."
Worf: "K'Ehleyr... was my mate."
Duras: "Kill me and you are a traitor forever!"
Worf: "Then that...is how it shall be!"
Alexander: "Are you my father?"
Worf: "Yes...I am your father."

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