Episode Trivia


The Tholians and the Ferengi would apparently become embroiled in Klingon wars which have the tendency of dragging in neighboring races.
Klingons and Romulans have been blood enemies for 75 years according to Geordi (however, at the time of the Khitomer Massacre - approximately 25 years ago - a tentative alliance existed.)
Worf's bat'leth has been in his family for 10 generations.
The Ritual of Succession is called Qab jiH nagil. The Ja'chuQ is part of the ritual and involves an oratory in which the candidates list all their triumphs.
Ha'Dibah is a Klingon insult.
The molecular decay detonator of a triceron bomb is describes as a Romulan Weapon. It is only three cubic millimetres in size.
The Enterprise is investigating radiation anomalies reported in the Gamma Arigulon system by the starship LaSalle.
The Enterprise heads for Starbase 73 at the end of this episode where Sergey and Helena Rozhenko will rendezvous with Worf to take care of Alexander.

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