Episode Trivia


Alpha Onias III is a Class-M planet, albeit barren and inhospitable in parts. The planet is in the Onias system dangerously close to the Romulan Neutral Zone.
Miridian VI is very close to the Neutral Zone. Ethan claims there is a research station present there set up "last year", although Riker believed the planet to be uninhabited.
Barash is a child-like alien from a nameless race of shapeshifters. He says he may be the last one of his kind.
Outpost 23 is the key to all Federation defenses in the Neutral Zone. Its' location is a closely-guarded secret.
Will plays the trombone, although he often gets teased about bad he is.
The Curtis Creek Program is often used by Riker when he wants to go fishing on the holodeck.
In the false future, Will has been Captain of the Enterprise for nine years. He is said to have contracted Altarian encephalitis, "a retrovirus that incorporates its DNA directly into the cells of its host. It can lie dormant for years, then suddenly become active".
Geordi now has cloned eye implants, Data is first officer and Picard has become an Admiral who arrives on the Romulan Warbird Decius along with Deanna who now works with Picard at Starfleet. Her Enterprise replacement was Minuet who Riker married and had a son with - Jean-Luc. Minuet died two years ago in a shuttle accident.
Four years ago, Riker saved a Romulan battle cruiser in distress and helped form closer relations between the Empires. Tomalak is now an Ambassador.
Mention is made to Parisses Squares (see "11001001). Riker claims he was slightly younger than Jean-Luc when he started playing.
First appearance of Beverly's regular nurse, Alyssa Ogawa.
Although not explicitly stated in the episode, the instrumental that Riker tries to play is the 20th-century jazz standard "Misty," originally composed as an instrumental by the pianist Errol Garner in 1954.

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