Episode Trivia


Picard has been asked to settle a dispute with the Salenite miners under Regalian law on Pentarus V.
Gamelan V is a world under threat from an old radioactive barge in orbit.
Picard, Wesley and Dirgo crashland on Lambda Paz, an M-Class moon orbiting Pentarus III. Pentarus II and Pentarus V are both class-M along with four nearby moons.
Chairman Songi is the contact point on Gamelan V. She sends out the distress call regarding the barge.
Dresci is a native Pentaran alcohol.
Dirgo's shuttle is called the Nenebek, and has a duranium hull.
Hyronalin is used to treat radiation sickness (as seen in the classic Trek episode "The Deadly Years".)
Sonodamite and Ermanium are metal alloys used in Federation Shuttlecraft.
Picard claims the most important "teacher" at the Academy was Boothby (see "The First Duty").
This is Wesley's final episode as a regular cast member on TNG. He later appears as a guest star in "The Game", "The First Duty", "Parallels" and "Journey's End".

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