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The story was first pitched by Harold Apter in the third season, with various viewpoints (including Picard's) of the day being put into the narrative.
Data was the final choice for the focus as "he's the one who's up 24 hours a day" according to Michael Piller.
Spiner and McFadden created all their own dialogue and moves for the dancing scene, which were later approved by the producers and script department.
Robert Wiemer said that Brent Spiner was just as good as the dancing double, but chose to allow the professional to perform the moves for quality's sake.
Michael Piller had considered at one point marrying Picard off to give his character a new dynamic.
O'Brien was originally paired with Ensign Allenby, the female conn officer who replace Wesley.
Rosalind Chao (Keiko) was a close friend of Elizabeth Dennehy (Shelby).
Picard's wedding speech is almost the same as given by Kirk in classic Trek's "Balance of Terror".

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