Episode Trivia


At the end of the episode, the Enterprise heads out of the Neutral Zone for Adelphous IV.
Marriages on Galvin V are considered successful if a child is produced in the first year.
Andorian marriages normally require groups of four, but there are other factors involved.
First appearance of Keiko Ishikawa who Data apparently introduced to Miles.
The Hindu religion still exists in the 24th Century.
Bruce Maddox still works at the Cybernetics Division of the Daystrom Institute (see "The Measure of a Man".)
This episode takes place 1550 days after the Enterprise has been commissioned.
In the next 24 hours onboard, there will be four birthdays, two personnel transfer, a celebration of the Hindu Festival of Lights (Divali occurs during late October / early November), two chess tournaments, one secondary school play and four promotions.
During this episode, Lt Juarez gives birth to a baby boy. Although not mentioned in the episode, the parents names are given as Alfredo and Francisca.
Worf reports that Lt. Umbato broke two ribs during a holodeck exercise.
The Enterprise is scanning the Murasaki Quasar (seen in classic Trek's "The Galileo Seven").
Data thinks of Geordi as his best friend and has a cat (see "In Theory").
Crusher was awarded first prize in the Tap and Jazz competition at the St Louis Academy where she was known as "the Dancing Doctor".
Geordi has his hair cut by a Bolian barber named V'sal.
T'Pel travels to the Enterprise aboard the U.S.S. Zhukov (see "Hollow Pursuits").
Romulan Admiral Mendak's ship is the Warbird Devoras.

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