Episode Trivia


First appearance of regular Star Trek race, the Cardassians.
This episode occurs almost a year after the treaty with the Cardassians was formed.
O'Brien served under Benjamin Maxwell on the U.S.S. Rutledge as tactical officer. During his service, the Cardassians attacked Setlik III killing 100 people including Maxwell's wife and children.
O'Brien has fond memories of his days on the Rutledge, especially his friendship with Will Kayden who died at Setlik. He is fond of the Irish folksong "The Minstrel Boy" and sings it with Maxwell. His mother was fond of traditional cooking rather than replicated food.
Maxwell was decorated twice with the Federation's highest wartime honors now commands the Nebula-class U.S.S. Phoenix. He is aware of Riker's achievements during the Borg crisis (see "The Best of Both Worlds").
Maxwell is of the opinion that the Cuellar system is tactically important and destroys a settlement and two Cardassian ships there. Gul Macet maintains that there was only a science station there.
Picard was last in the sector when was aboard the Stargazer and running at warp speed from a Cardassian Warship.
Kanar is a native Cardassian drink, albeit with an acquired taste.

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