Episode Quotes


[Ardra trasports Picard from Enterprise to Ventax II.]
Ardra: "Captain Picard? Ah, captain, I wasn't expecting you here."
Picard: "Neither was I."
Ardra: "Then sir, may I ask you to explain this." [Makes the planet shake]
Data: "You are out of order."
Ardra: "Or this." [Makes Picard disappear]
Data: "The advocate will refrain from making her opponent disappear."
Ardra: "Or this." [Appears as the Devil] "Can you explain it, Picard ?"
Data: "Any more disruptions and I will rule you in contempt of court. Is that understood ?"
Ardra: [to Picard] "Please don't take any offense at these questions, you know how fond I am of you..."
Picard: "Objection."
Data: "Sustained. The advocate will refrain from expressing personal affections for her opponent."
Dr Clarke: "Mass hysteria... it's impossible to explain... these people are all convinced their world is coming to an end... tomorrow."

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