Episode Quotes


Geordi: "Now, this won't hurt a bit."
Data: "Have you forgotten, Geordi, that my sensory inputs are not programmed to experience pain?"
Guinan: "Dixon Hill around?"
Madeline: "He's occupied at the present moment."
Guinan: "Tell him Gloria is here."
Madeline: "Can't do that. He doesn't want to be disturbed."
Guinan: "I'm here from... Cleveland."
Madeline: "Doesn't matter if you're from the moon, Hon. Mister Hill is incommuni... incommunica..."
Guinan: "Incommunicado."
Madeline: "That's it. Sorry, Hon."
Guinan: "Mister Hill is expecting me. I have a two o'clock appointment.
Madeline: "It's two-ten."
Guinan: "Sorry. I had a hard time with the outfit... (raising her skirt to show off a garter) It took me awhile to figure out what this thing was supposed to do..."
Guinan: "No, you don't understand... it's all been set up in advance... I'm supposed to be Gloria from Cleveland and I was supposed to be in Holodeck Four at two o'clock and you don't have the slightest idea of what I'm talking about, do you?"
Gunman: "Who's the doll?"
Picard: "She's my cousin."
Guinan: "Gloria. From Cleveland."
Picard: "Sorry, Gloria -- I didn't want to get you involved. She has nothing to do with this, Johnny."
Gunman: "Yeah, right. What do I look like? A jamoke? You ain't nobody's cousin and you ain't here for a visit. What do you know about my money?"
Guinan: "Your money?"
Gunman: "The money he stole."
Guinan: [to Picard] "You stole his money?"
Picard: "He's lying, Gloria -- don't listen to him."
Guinan: "Johnny, why don't you tell me all about it, maybe I can help, I'm a good listener..."
Guinan: [to Picard] "This is what you do for fun?"

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