Episode Trivia


The unnamed class-M planet is in the Ngame Nebula, in which is the T-Tauri type star system.
Tethys III is a of a hydrogen-helium composition with a frozen helium core.
The Enterprise is en route to Evadne IV.
The Paxans are highly xenophobic and very powerful who terraformed the obscure planet in T-Tauri type star system to cut themselves off from outsiders. They can communicate telepathically.
Crusher's nurse assistant Alyssa is first named here, although her last name won't be revealed until "Identity Crisis".
The 22nd Century physicist Pell Underhill theorised that a major disruption in time continuity could be compensated for by trillion of small counter reactions.
Data has twice passed through unstable wormholes, the first during his tour of duty on the U.S.S. Trieste, and the second through the Barzan wormhole (see "The Price").
Small and unstable wormholes have been mapped near 39 T-Tauri systems in the last 100 years alone. The wormhole's exit is 154 parsecs from the entrance.
Beverly enjoys ethnobiology and grows Diomedian Scarlet Moss.
O'Brien injured himself hanging a pot-plant for his wife.

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