Episode Behind the Scenes


Although Rick Berman objected, Michael Piller was allowed to "bend the rules" and tell the story from an alien's perspective for the first time in Trek's 25 year history at this point.
The episode was a confessed homage to the 50s classic "The Day the Earth Stood Still".
The episode was originally considered for the season end's cliffhanger.
In an earlier version named "Graduation", the episode was set to be Wesley's "swan song" in which he was to stay permanently planet side after a first contact mission.
In another rejected version, new space travelers would find out about the Federation by taking Picard's crippled shuttlecraft.
In yet another version of the episode, the members of the away team would become celebrities.
George Coe (Durken) is best known as his "Max Headroom" role of Ben DeVore.
Bebe Neuwirth, long time Trek fan, is famous for her role as Lilith Crane in "Cheers" and "Frasier".

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