Episode Guest Characters


PLAYED BY: George Coe
SPECIES: Malcorian

Progressive leader of Malcorian society, forced to abandon plans for Federation contact by xenophobic political opponents in 2369. Durken was able to share a bottle of Chateau Picard with the Enterprise captain.


PLAYED BY: Carolyn Seymour
SPECIES: Malcorian Female

Malcor III's Minister of Science who pushed her planet toward warp-drive capability in 2367. Yale left her homeworld on a Federation ship after fearful Malcorians retreated from first contact.


PLAYED BY: George Hearn
SPECIES: Malcorian Male

Physician in charge of the Sikla Medical Facility on Malcor III. In 2367 Berel treated the injured Rivas Jakara and found that he was an alien surgically altered to look Malcorian. This alien was William Riker on a covert surveillance mission on the planet.


PLAYED BY: Michael Ensign
SPECIES: Malcorian Male

Traditionalist Minister of Internal Security on Malcor III. To prove aliens dangerous, Krola attempted martyrdom using William Riker's phaser. Though only stunned, Krola's effort won support for his cause.


PLAYED BY: Steven Anderson
SPECIES: Malcorian Male

Sikla Medical Facility physician on Malcor III in 2367 who attended Riker. Nilrem became the facility's acting director by complying with the security minister's medically dangerous order to revive Riker.


PLAYED BY: Sachi Parker
SPECIES: Malcorian Female

Female crisis room physician in the Sikla Medical Facility on Malcor III. Tava was the first Malcorian to realize that the injured, and disguised, William Riker was an alien.


PLAYED BY: Bebe Neuwirth
SPECIES: Malcorian Female

A nurse at the Sikla Medical Facility on planet Malcor III. Lanel developed a crush on Riker while he was posing as a Malcorian on her world, and helped him escape from the local authorities.